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Author Topic: ten cuch qualities of a dog dat pious shud develop  (Read 1552 times)
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« on: Oct 19, 2009 08:28 AM »

Hadrat Khwaja Hassan Basri says that the cur (the dog) possesses ten such qualities which all the pious should develop in themselves : -

( 1 ) It starves ; this is the way of the pure. And it is content with the little that it gets ; this is the quality of those who show perseverance.
( 2 ) It has no house ; this is the sign of those who trust in God for the provision of habitation ;
( 3 ) It sleeps a little during the night ; this is the characteristic of those who keep awake at night and worship and a trait of those who love God.
( 4 ) When it dies, it leaves behind no property. Such is the virtue of those who walk the path of piety.
( 5 ) It does not leave the side of its master, though he may beat it and treat it with cruelty ; this is the trait of the true faithful.
( 6 ) It is content to lie in a lowly place ; this is the virtue of the noble.
( 7 ) When some other creature occupies its living space it willingly vacates it and carries itself to some other place. This is the trait of those who acquiesce in the will of God and believe in self-sacrifice.
( 8 ) When you beat it, and afterwards throw a piece of bread before it, it comes to you at once. It does not nurse any grudge against you for beating it. This is the trait of the true devout.
( 9 ) It looks at food from afar but does not come near it without permission of the master this is the virtue of the humble.
( 10 ) Having migrated from one place, it is not inclined to return. This is the trait of the aggrieved.

Compiled from:
“The Spectacle of Death” – Khwaja Muhammad Islam, pp. 460, 461

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 20, 2009 12:10 AM »

Interesting....... we can learn much from animals I think.

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