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Author Topic: Rationalization Of Faith in Islam  (Read 1429 times)
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« on: Nov 25, 2009 08:17 AM »

Assalamualikum to everybody


As per Oxford dictionary the literal meaning of:

TRUTH:Conformity to knowledge, fact and logic.
HABIT: A constant, often unconscious inclination to act in a particular way, acquired through frequent repetition over a long period.
EMOTION: Excited state of the mind or feelings, love, joy, hate, fear, grief, jealousy.

Believing in Allah, the creator, sustainer, ruler of the mankind; believing in the Message and messengers of Allah; believing in the day of judgment, the reckoning, the reward and the punishment for eternal  (physical) life in the hereafter; Practicing the belief through our heart, word and deed is a truth.

"He says, "Who can give life to (dry) bones and decomposed ones (at that)?, Say "He will give them life who created them for the first time." Surah Ya-Sin.- Proof of Physical Life. Many of us we think that this life is real and the life after death will be some kind of dream. However, as per Hadith it is the other way around, Prophet (SM) said people are sleeping in this life. Then companions asked, when they will  wake up? Prophet(SM0  said when they die.

FIRST: Our life is full (100%) of perfection and enjoyment. We are getting the sun light, breathing air, drinking water, eating beef, fish, fruits, vegetables everyday, every moment. Everything and the human life are in such an integrated, orderly & proportionate  fashion and in need and in use of mankind which alone is sufficient enough to  testify the creator and his power. PERFECTION IS NOT AN ACCIDENT.  All these natural and co-related happenings towards the fulfillment of  human needs is not an accident.    
SECOND: If we look at all those creations, we see everything is completely miraculous. The Sun with 27,000,000 F nuclear furnace, hanging in the open sky, maintaining a specific distance, is very routinely giving us  ......"the day for work and the night for rest.".....Holy Quran
THIRD, but not the last fact is, how those creations were created? how they are working? the Sun, the air, the water, and the lives on the earth  is completely and clearly beyond the reach of human perception "(gaib)"........a must element of faith.


FIRST: Since we or our forefathers didn't create any of those perfect creations, proofs the existence of the CREATOR.
SECOND: Based on the facts that those things are miraculous and beyond the reach of human perception, we believe that the miracle of hereafter is a truth. To believe in Allah (limitless He is in His glory) is to believe in what lies beyond the reach of human perception. It is not possible for human beings to comprehend the nature of Allah. When they believe in Him, they recognize the results of His actions but they cannot conceive His nature or how He works. Similarly, the life to come is something that lies beyond the reach of human perception. Everything that relates to the day of judgment, the reckoning, the reward and the punishment all belong to the world beyond. we believe in that because Allah has told us about them. And all we have seen  teaches us to trust ALLAH for all we have not seen.


HABITUATED: Because of  habit, many right things appear to us as wrong and many wrong things appear to us as right. When we are in a forest we don't see the forest for a tree. Starting from our childhood we see the nature, the creations of Allah so much so that the creation of Allah becomes very insignificant and ordinary to us.  Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored. Also we are so much excited with the materialistic development and materialistic thinking, as oppose to our predecessors much more natural life, so that the Sun and other creations are not thought as  miraculous to us. Rather "Star Wars, Superman, Batman, ", etc. are miracles to us. Getting used to lie, bribery or smoking does not mean those things are just or good.

EMOTIONS: Tremendous love for worldly material, power, position, name and fame, fear and grief, seriousness and aggressiveness of those things in our thinking, talking and in our deeds are causing the reason and facts- the truth to be slowly but surely out of our life. Today, life is becoming more and more materialistically habituated and full of worldly emotions.

MUSLIMS: Islam says this life is a test. In test, there would be trial and tribulation from the creator. Also Muslims are not angels or superhuman beings. In many respects, Muslims are abusing Islam. So Muslims might have problems. To recognize the truth, we have to look at the religion itself, in the facts and reasons of the religions, not at the people.

Faith / Iman  can be acquired by above mentioned rationalization or may be by any of the following or other methods: Acquiring faith are done by different people based on different things under different circumstances, such as
1)   Looking at Allah’s creation
2)   Doing comparative religion study
3)   Reading, pondering upon the teaching of Holy Quran, Hadith or some authentic Islamic book.
4)   Experience gained from near death situation
5)   Experiencing the death of close family member
6)   Experiencing a practical example of a true practicing Muslim’s life.
7)   Listening some good Islamic lecture of some pious, authentic and trustworthy scholar
Cool   Based on some scientific proof (Hydrogen, Nitrogen) that the universe will collapse at one time and the Quyama will happen for sure.
9)   Based on the scientific discovery which are proving what have been  mentioned even 1400 years ago in Holy Quran  about the universe, galaxy, space, solar system, black hole, creation of universe and also the stage of growing of fetus at mother’s womb.
Our day to day actions, initiatives, sacrifices reflect the level of Taqwa (strict adherence of sharia in fearness of Allah) we have to please Allah subhanahuw Watala.  And our Taqwa is dependent on the degree of Faith we have at a given point of time. Faith or Iman does not stay in one place. It keeps on increasing or decreasing based on our efforts. Once acquired, we should keep on increasing our faith through any or all of the following actions:
1)   Make more and more prayer, nafl prayer, zikr and ask for  Allah’s guidance for true path and increase of Iman.
2)   Reading and thinking more and more those parts  of Quran and hadith which have narrated the day of judgement, Jannah, Jahannam so vividly, that you can almost touch, feel, smell the events.
3)   Sacrifice with your money, time and efforts for the cause of Islam
4)   Do dawa work
5)   Go out for dawa, like the tablig, staying in Mosque and pray.
6)   Reading, pondering upon the teaching  of Holy Quran, Hadith or some authentic Islamic book.
7)   Listening some good Islamic lecture of some pious, authentic and trustworthy scholar
Cool   Through strict adherence to sunnah in our thinking, acting, talking, eating, sleeping.

Someone may argue that I believe in Allah or creator/ god, but which religion to follow. All  religions teaches good things.  All religions don’t teach good things. Associating someone with Allah is the greatest sin, which Allah will never forgive (as mentioned in the Holy Quran). For more, please see the attached file.

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Very nice brother. thank you for sharing!

Jazzaka Allahu Kheiran

I believe in Islam like the sun rising, not because I see it but because by it, I see everything else.
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