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Apr 24, 2014 07:28 PM
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Author Topic: The 2/3 Love Reminder: Holy Prophet’ call to the Parents and Educationists  (Read 774 times)
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« on: Dec 31, 2009 04:47 AM »

- Jaihoon

The human mind is free to think of anything at any time of the year. However, seasonal occasions do influence our thought patterns (like wishing for a warm coffee during winter or having an ice-cream in summer).

There are ‘some’ among the ‘many’ of the believers who argue that deeds alone are important and emotions such as love have no vital importance in the fold of Islam. They superimpose their argument over the remaining others belittling the significance of love in the shaping of faith and attaining salvation in the hereafter. If they are sincere in their approach, then they have yet to come in terms with the words of Holy Prophet ‘Teach three manners to your progeny, Love of the prophet, Love of the family members of the prophet and Recitation of Quran, as the preservers of Quran will be under the graceful shadow of Allah with prophets and righteous one on a day when there would be no shadow besides Allah’s graceful shadow’.

A simple lean on the thoughtful chair would reflect few truths.

Children’s basic education should start with instilling love for the Holy Prophet. This is especially relevant considering the fact that it was he who brought us the message of Allah and sacrificed all he had for the propagation of faith. Besides, love for him should precede our dearness to our family and even our own selves.

This should be followed by developing love for the family of Holy Prophet. It was they to whom he first preached and also they undertook many hardships, even in the early days of Islam. There is nothing political or sectarian about showing affection for Ahl Bait, as they are called. Almost all sects that we know agree it is obligatory to recite peace on the Ahl Bait in the five times prayer. Imam Shafi has shown great courage when he declared,

If love for Muhammad’s aal’ is Rafdh (heresy).
Then Jinn and Men bear witness l am a Rafidhi (heretic)

The next to be taught is the recitation of Quran. Love for the Prophet and his family may be essential for understanding the import of the Quran or else learning of Quran would have been mentioned first.

One more interesting lesson in this educational advice is that developing love for the said would be most effective if it is carried out it during the childhood than afterwards.

We have been hearing a lot of enthusiasm from various quarters about ‘Islamization’ of education and developing Islamic manners in children. Educationists, governmental departments and even parents can rejoice over the above saying of Holy Prophet. There is nothing political in the love of Prophet and his family, teaching of which should threaten the power of the ruling regimes of Muslim countries.

It wasn’t my fault that this stream of thought dawned upon the mind on the Day of Ashura, the tenth day of the holy month of Muharram. As I said before, the human mind is free to think of anything at any time of the year

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