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Author Topic: Teen Hired a Hitman to Kill His Mom Because She Was Too Strict  (Read 1161 times)
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« on: Jan 08, 2010 11:55 PM »

As salaamu alaikum --

I heard about this yesterday. It's just awful.


Teen accused of orchestrating mother's murder

HOUSTON (KTRK) --  We're learning new information about a teenager's alleged plot to have his own mother murdered. It was a horrific crime that has led to two high school classmates charged with capital murder.

Danish Moazzam Minhas is 17 years old, a native of Pakistan. He and his mother immigrated to the U.S. and came to Houston. A student at Lee High School, he attended the law enforcement program, where friends described him as popular and outgoing.

"He just had a good personality and stuff [...]" (quoting a classmate)


Hmmm...  a "good" personality masking a very dark soul. He hired a friend, one Nur Mohamed, to stab his mother several dozen times while he stood guard.

How could he even think of doing this to the woman who gave birth him?  Huh?
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I heart the Madina

« Reply #1 on: Jan 09, 2010 02:22 PM »

It's... disgusting. Can there be words for something like this? A Muslim teenager hiring another Muslim teenager to kills his mother. Astaghfirullah. It makes me think of the terrorism thread. Both think they can take the law into their own hands and conduct their own kind of vigilante justice. What is it with ppl who think they can do that? Hmm after looking at his myspace page linked i the article it does seem like he has a huuge ego and sounds like a sociopath. Horrible. -- J.

Inna lillah wa innah ilaihi rajeoon May Allah grant her Jannah.

Son accused of hiring classmate to kill mom

From the beginning, Houston police say, they doubted 17-year-old Danish Moazzam Minhas' story about finding his mother's bloody body in their apartment.

The Lee High School student told investigators he'd spent the entire night out and came upon the crime scene when he returned home that morning in late November. The attacker, Minhas told detectives, must have surprised 43-year-old Tabassum Khan while she was counting money she planned to spend on bills and the traditional Muslim feast of Eid.

Evidence inside the apartment convinced police that Khan hadn't gone down without a fight. Stabbed dozens of times, she still managed to put up enough resistance to wreck her home.

Six weeks later, authorities announced Wednesday that a fingerprint discovered at the scene led them to one of Minhas' classmates, who told police Minhas promised him $4,000 to kill his mother.

He is now charged with solicitation of capital murder, authorities said, and has confessed to arranging the killing because he felt his mother was too strict. Prosecutors have charged Nur J. Mohamed with capital murder in the Nov. 24 stabbing.

“They knew we had them,” Houston Police Sgt. Brian Harris said. “They knew they left too much evidence at the scene.”

The break in the case came weeks after the killing when a Houston ISD police officer caught Mohamed, an 18-year-old native of Somalia, with drugs on the Lee campus, Harris said. His fingerprints matched those left at the crime scene, Harris said.

Mohamed said Minhas promised him $4,000. He got only $1,000 from the apartment, Harris said.

Menhas and Mohamed were seen leaving school together on the day of the killing and Minhas acted as a lookout while Mohamad went into the apartment, Harris said.

Khan “was a fighter. She fought for her life. She fought and fought and fought,” Harris said of the slain woman. “That's why the scene was as gruesome as it was.”

Minhas' cousin said the family was devastated by Khan's death and by the accusations that Minhas had hired her killer.

“We did not expect any of this,” said Atif Iqbal. “He was my brother. He was our son. He was everything. We put all of our efforts into nurturing him and his education. Never in my wildest dreams did we ever think about him like this. He's 17 years old, for crying out loud.”
Said mom was too strict

Iqbal said Khan and Minhas came from Lahore, Pakistan, about 10 years ago. Minhas' father is not in contact with anyone in the family, his cousin said.

Minhas and Mohamad displayed no emotion about the crime and tried to charm investigators, Harris said.

“He's very manipulative, very cunning,” the detective said of Minhas, “and he was trying to put his spin on it.”

Dealing with Khan's son, Harris said, was a “cat-and-mouse game” until he was confronted with Mohamad's statement,

Then Minhas told police he “loved his mother to death” but she was too strict, Harris said. “I don't think he realized how that sounded. … She gave him a curfew, chores and other things a responsible parent does.”

Investigators also reviewed the teens' social networking Web pages on Facebook and MySpace.

“There's a whole narrative where he writes that he likes to be in charge and in control,” Harris said.
Saw himself as ‘a hero'

A week before his mother was killed, Minhas posted as his MySpace status, “It's all good ... waiting for things to happen.”

He wrote that he considers a hero to be “Anyone that can save the day, or come clean out of an embarrasing (sic) situation, then Hey, that person is a hero. . Wait that's me!”

Iqbal said his aunt wasn't too strict.

“She's a mom. He's a teenager, and he was getting in to the wrong things,” Iqbal said.

He also said Khan provided her son with new clothes, cell phones and a new car while she drove an older model.

“We fed him with a spoon made out of gold,” Iqbal said. “She worked 14 hours a day to support him.”
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« Reply #2 on: Jan 09, 2010 08:37 PM »

 Angry Angry Angry

This is truly horrifying, depressing and a plainly heinous act. Indeed, the one who bore him and he without any hesitation hired someone to take that precious life. From what you guys are already stated aobut his personality, he does sound crazy, to say the least. I can't imagine this . . .its painful enough to lose a mother by Allah's permission, so I can't imagine someone with our background, in any aspect, even thinking about such an act. Leave the house or something, but to take her life??? What the . . . . ?? I have already lost my father to natural cuases and even now, I don't want to think of what life would be like without my mother, though I know this day will come . . . .anyways, I hope that a lightening bolt of sorrow and regret hits him when he is older and he realizes what a huge and monumental out of this world mistake, sin he has committed.


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