// Taking my hijab off??
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Author Topic: Taking my hijab off??  (Read 2813 times)
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« on: Jan 02, 2010 03:31 AM »

Al salama aleykum.

I am a sister in hijab who is in deep frustration. I need some guidance or just a bit of help.
I have worn hijab now for a year and i love it, but in this year i have experienced a lot of things that i am not proud of. in my country people do not understand the meaning of the hijab and people just see it as oppressive. I had to quit my job because i decided to wear hijab. i were not allowed to work there anymore because of my hijab decision. I didn't care because i loved hijab and i knew that i had made the right choise.

now after a year i have come to realize how many things i have had to give up. when i first put my hijab on i knew what i was giving up and i didnt care about it, but now i want to do many of those things.

right now im in my senior year in high school and im about to take my education as a doctor. where i live they might make a rule that says hijab in hospitals is not allowed. that is one of my conserns because i only want to work as a doctor. i cant give this dream up...

recently i began to feel that hijab is not for me. i have wanted to take it of for a while now, but there is too many things stopping me. Taking off my hijab doesnt make me love Allah(SWT) any less. Allah is always in my thoughts and heart where ever i am and whatever the time is.

i dont know what to do ... if i take my hijab of people are going to talk about me and i dont want that. i live close to many arabs and i know that i am going to be gossiped about if i decide to do it. Also my family (uncles and so on) is very religious, and i would really desappoint them.

what can i do ?? im really scared and confused. please help


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« Reply #1 on: Jan 02, 2010 04:52 AM »

You have decided to obey Allah, are you going to disobey Allah because a Human has told you to disobey him?
Allah has told you to wear it, and a human has told you now to, who are you going to obey?
Allah has told you he will give you Jannah if you obey him, and a Human has told you he might give you a Job in a hospital if you disobey Allah, what is more important to you?

You are in High school now. How many years before you can start working as a doctor?
Keep obeying Allah, try to become a doctor. And after many years, when you finish med school and a hospital says no because of Hijab apply to another hospital. Who knows that you will even be alive at that time?
If you die before you become a doctor, you have disobeyed Allah and got no worldly gain from it. So keep wearing it. Jannah is better than becoming a doctor!
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« Reply #2 on: Jan 02, 2010 10:07 PM »


Sister, please read this post: http://jannah.org/madina/index.php?topic=3871.msg18269#msg18269
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« Reply #3 on: Jan 03, 2010 04:57 AM »


sister, you have to be more assertive about your identity and freedom of religion.  It is discriminatory and a violation of your human rights to terminate your employment because of hijab.  File a complaint.  This is the 21st century for goodness sake! Everyone has a right to wear what they choose to. 

You can wear a bonnet or some kind of hat while you are at the hospital once you are a medical student.  They can't argue with that.  They won't.  Not if you show them that it does not interfere with your ability to be a doctor.

Don't let shaytan (the devil) shake your self-confidence.  There are all sort of obstacles that all people face.  But there are certain things that you cannot compromise on or apologize for.   

Be strong, and don't dwell on what other people say, whether they are muslim or not.  Wearing hijab was a good choice that you made.  Don't second guess yourself.  Things will turn around insha'Allah.  May Allah give you the strength to continue wearing it.

take care
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« Reply #4 on: Jan 03, 2010 11:22 AM »


I've always thought it more hygienic for doctors to wear some kind of head covering...


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« Reply #5 on: Feb 02, 2010 08:01 AM »

You don't know which comes first..death or the job as a doctor

You dont know what changes will appear in the coming years till you can be a doctor.It might not even be banned at that time

leave your hijab on you please! ALLAH bless you

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