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Author Topic: White folks: It's time to chill out  (Read 1140 times)
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« on: Mar 18, 2010 05:11 PM »


White folks: It's time to chill out
Stories about visible minorities becoming a majority by 2031 miss the point
By Dan Gardner, Canwest News ServiceMarch 18, 2010

While Toronto and Vancouver will be 'majority minority' cities by 2031, Caucasians will still be the largest group.

So it seems the paranoid racists were right all along. The brown people will soon swamp us. Lower the flag. Sound the trumpet one last time. Western civilization is finished.

StatsCan says so.

Or so one could gather from many bloggers and frantic talk-radio callers this week. The cause of this pink-skinned anguish? A Statistics Canada report on Canada's demographic makeup in 2031. Well, to be precise, that wasn't it. I can't imagine many of those hyperventilating about burkaclad Muslims spawning baby jihadis at a furious rate read the report. It was the media coverage of the report that had them flipping frantically through well-worn copies of the Book of Revelation and America Alone.

The tone of that coverage was the usual calm recitation of facts we have come to expect on such matters: Everything's going to change! Everything! Totally! But don't worry, the media said. Diversity is good and we should be happy that the world as we know it is about to end!

Well, I happen to care deeply about the anguish suffered by cranks and bigots and so, as a public service, I am here to offer reassurance.

Calm down, my Caucasian comrades. I've read the report. It's not true that everything is going to change. In 2031, there will still be pale people worshipping a dead Jew. Lots of them. Life as we know it will go on.

We all know the headline number. By 2031 visible minorities will make up somewhere between 29 and 32 per cent of the population, or roughly one-third. Thus, visible minorities are, as the media put it, "the changing face of Canada" -- a point invariably illustrated with photographs of smiling people who are, without exception, not tan of skin and round of eye. But let's break this down with some sophisticated statistical analysis, shall we? See, the fact that visible minorities will be one-third of the population leaves two-thirds of the population unaccounted for. And two-thirds -- this is the crucial point -- is bigger than one-third. Much bigger. Indeed, two-thirds of something constitutes a majority of that thing.

After performing the necessary calculations, I discovered that in 2031, white people -- who are now the large majority of the Canadian population -- will be the large majority of the Canadian population. (I should note that aboriginal Canadians are not considered "visible minorities" in the data, which means my analysis overlooks them. This is justified for two reasons. One, aboriginals are a very small slice of the population. Two, overlooking aboriginals is a Canadian tradition.)

The same sophisticated statistical analysis is equally revealing on the matter of religion: Christians are a large majority, but in 2031, after two decades of sweeping demographic transformation the like of which this country has never known, Christians will be a large majority.

It is true that the number of Muslims is expected to more than triple, but there's no need to flee to the bunker in Mark Steyn's backyard. That tripling will bring Muslims to, at most, seven per cent of the population. Or, if you prefer, 93 per cent of the country will be non-Muslim. You can breathe again.

Of course what really lights up the talk-radio phone lines is the term "majority minority." That's what Toronto will be, with 63 per cent of the city a visible minority. And Vancouver at 60 per cent.

If I were addressing rational people, I'd note that this is a statistical figment of no real consequence to communities which are already 40-or 45-per-cent minority. California, after all, became "majority minority" years ago and it's still a pretty nice place to live. (Aside from the looming bankruptcy, that is. But don't pin that on brown people. It was mostly white folks who spent the last 30 years making the state ungovernable.)

But people who worry about skin colour aren't rational so instead I'll simply note that in becoming "majority minority" Toronto and Vancouver will be -- just like today -- very different from the rest of the country. Even in a major city like Ottawa, minorities will still be minorities. And vast swaths of the country will be as uniformly pasty as ever. Anyone bothered by tonal variation will have plenty of places to live.

Of course I don't want to suggest nothing has changed. It has. And it continues to change. But the pace and scale of the change has been exaggerated, and not only by cranks and bigots.

Activists, officials and journalists do it all the time. They may welcome diversity, as I do. Their motives might be admirable. But still, they exaggerate.

Look at the faces in government ads and brochures. Almost always, at least half are minorities. This is so common we don't even notice it, or realize how unrepresentative it is of Canada today. Or in 2031.

Several years ago, the Globe and Mail produced a series of feature stories about demographic change that was illustrated with an arresting image: Scores of tiny faces -- mostly minorities -- merged to form the face of a young, brown-skinned woman. This was supposed to be the "new face of Canada."

Which was silly. Almost by definition, a diverse nation cannot be represented by a single face. But if we had to put a face to Canada today, the most statistically representative mug would be that of a middle-aged white woman. And in 2031, it would be that of a somewhat older middle-aged white woman.

I suspect that the relentless emphasis on what's changing, with little mention of what's staying the same, contributes to the unease felt by many Canadians -- including a good many who are not kooks and bigots.

For those who embrace diversity, it would be smart to remind Canadians now and then that the world as they know it is not about to end.

And if that also helps the kooks and bigots calm down, so much the better.

© Copyright (c) The Vancouver Sun

While Toronto and Vancouver will be 'majority minority' cities by 2031, Caucasians will still be the largest group.
Photograph by: Peter Battistoni, Vancouver Sun, Canwest News Service

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« Reply #1 on: Mar 18, 2010 08:48 PM »

In 2031, there will still be pale people worshipping a dead Jew. Lots of them. Life as we know it will go on.

LOL That will certainly not "CALM" them

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