// An Islamic Perspective to LOST (the tv show) *series finale spoilers
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Author Topic: An Islamic Perspective to LOST (the tv show) *series finale spoilers  (Read 1063 times)
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« on: May 24, 2010 08:32 PM »

Here’s my perspective on it…

I believe the most important scene in the entire show is when we see Jack on the plane (the second time) and there is extreme turbulence. He holds onto the arms of the seat and closes his eyes for a second. Then he opens them and across the aisle Rose says to him “It’s Okay Jack, It’s okay to let go now”.

In this blink of an eye his entire life on the island happens…(the plane crashes and)….he opens his eye lying among the bamboo and everything on the island takes place. Polar bears, Dharma, time travel, leaving the island, going back, killing the smoke monster, etc. and finally dying and his eye closing. Back on the plane his story continues and he lives in the Alt universe – a kind of consciousness Heaven for those who have died. These souls that were together in their life (on the island) recognize each other and when finally all dead and together they move on…to a real kind of Hereafter.

I found this to be an extremely interesting and “compatible with Islamic beliefs” ending for the show. For as Muslims we believe that this life is a test as well, a place where we have to overcome evil — external and internal, repent for our sins and find redemption through our choices, faith, love and good works.

And those who believe and do good deeds, they are dwellers of Paradise, they dwell therein forever.  (Quran, 2:82)

Jack’s life happened over time and course, yet it was a ‘blink of an eye’. How long will our lives be? Maybe 50 years, maybe 100. Yet the older we get, the more we know time passes so quickly; days, years, decades slip by and feel like nothing.

He (God) will say, “How many years did you stay on the earth?”  They will say: “We stayed a day or part of a day….”  (Quran, 23:112-113)

Jack was forever arguing that the island (his life) had no reason to it, it was all coincidence. He was forever fighting Locke (a man of faith) who believed that there was a reason they were all there, it wasn’t just coincidence; it was fate. Is that not what we believe?

Did you then think that We had created you in jest (without any purpose), and that you would not be returned to Us (in the Hereafter)? (Quran, 23:115)

It’s interesting that everyone was together and moves on to their version of Heaven. And that Jack’s father says “we can’t do it alone”. Our prophet said “You will be with the ones you love (in the Hereafter).” (Hadith Imam Ahmed)

Their souls meeting each other and recognizing each other is nothing new to us. We believe our souls do that when we sleep (a minor death) and also when we are dead before resurrection.

“God takes the souls (al-anfus) at the time of their death, and those that die not during their sleep; then He withholds those on whom He has passed the decree of death and sends the others back till an appointed term; most surely there are signs in this for a people who reflect.” (Qur’an 39:42)

It took a long time for Jack to finally understand what his life was really about and what he had to do and to “let go”. It was a long journey of love and redemption. A journey that all of us are on in this life. Not just physically, but spiritually. Some realize it immediately (Rose), others after some trial and hardship. But, others of us go on with our lives, unconscious and blind to our real purpose. The people on the island had a second chance and in the end luckily realization bled through to their consciousness.

“…But now We have removed from you your veil, so your perception today is piercing….” (Qur’an 50:22)

In conclusion, no I’m not advocating watching the show, but if you did there are many themes and lessons we can get from it. Faith is the most important thing of all. Their life on the island was a test for them and now it was time to let go. Each person overcame their sins, their flaws and their past and found redemption. We could learn a lot from that.

The lasting legacy of this show is perhaps to give us hope in our shared destiny.

Finally, I repeat to you a very beautiful Dua...

Allahumma rahmataka arjoo falaa takilnee ilaa nafsee tarfata ‘aynin wa aslih-lee sha’nee kullahu, laa ilaha illa anta

O Allah! It is Your Mercy that I hope for, so do not leave me to myself even for a blink of an eye and rectify for me all of my affairs. There is no god except You.
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