// Ikhlas (Sincerity) And Its Nature
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Author Topic: Ikhlas (Sincerity) And Its Nature  (Read 982 times)
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   Ikhlas or sincerity is defined as conditioning the heart to solely worship Allah Taala. It also relates to the negation of Riyaa (hypocrisy) and Ash-sheirk-ul-khafiey (subtle polytheism). Allah says, ''They have not been ordered except to worship Allah, sincerely executing to Him, the entire Deen( religion) and being Hunafaa(true believers).
    2. Ikhlas helps us, pushes us to discard/ extract incorrect intentions when executing Allah's order or any deed prescribed by the shari'a. Such intentions could pertain to the acquisition of favours from people or their approval so that ulterior motives and objectives be fulfilled. The highest level of sincerity is obtained when Allah's Orders are executed solely because of SERVITUDE to Allah and not to desire of rewards. It is in this regard, that Ibn Faaried said:   
         I do not ask, from the gardens(of paradise) any blessing or gift. However, I love it                                              to see You (Allah) therein. 

  Another poet said: All of them are worshipping due to fear of the Fire

 they consider escaping (therfrom) a great bounty or worship to live in paradise
    to be in gardens and drink of its spring named Salsabeel
   I dont have any say regarding Paradise and the Fire
   I do not essk, for my love ( of Allah ) any subtityte.
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