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Author Topic: Islam and Secularism  (Read 1631 times)

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According to Webster dictionary, secularism is defined as - “A system of doctrines and practices that rejects any form of religious faith and worship.” Secularism demands the separation of the Church from the functions of a government, especially the education system. If one go by this definition - then, like democracy (the rule of law governed by the majority of citizen), doesn’t exist in any western country, which pay lip service to both of these ideologies. The governments still fund religious education, politicians take oath on Bible, and all Judeo-Christian religious days being declared national holidays including weekends, Saturday (Jewish Sabbath) and Sunday (Christian Sabbath).

Both Jews and Christians can accept secularims without any religious ramifications - as their religions are based on certain race or tribe, and have no divine Shari’ah to follow. In fact - The New Testament itself divide its followers’ lives into two parts - “Render unto Caesar things, which belong to Caesar, and render unto God things which belong to God,” (Matthew 21:22).
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