// Roadmap To Jannah ( Paradise)
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   Brothers and Sisters--As-salam alaikum,
       As you are well aware, we have a very long journey ahead of us before reaching our destination. Browing a leaf from an anynomous contributor on this subject at Islaam.com site I saw couple of months back, I wish to remind us all about the inevitable Roadmap we need to take us to Jannah by the Grace of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. In this regard, we need to take the Prophet's Sunnah, peace and blessings be upon him, as our expressway to the ultimate on this long journey. We must beware of the highway robbers, by insuring our vehicle with Dhikr security systems. All vehicles secured with Dhikr security systems will be protected from assaults by robbers (satan).
    2. Ensure that you have enough fuel. The highest grade fuel for this long and tiring trip is the Taqwa grade fuel. Make sure you demand this brand when you stop for re-fueling....we must also lighten the load on our vehicle, minding that we carry only the most important items for this trip:--2 meters of white cloth, good deeds and prayers of our kids are all we need. Excess weight is allowed only if it is more of good deeds. We need to check our vehicles safety features periodically by reading our vehicles manual--the Holy Quran, and our steering wheel must be calibrated by the Sunnah calibration method, batteries must be charged with Imaan, the engine needs to be turned up with Ikhlas and our tires must be properly inflated with Ihsan. Most importantly, we must test the entire vehicle with the tauheed check list.
    3. There are many milestones on this journey, indicating that we are on the right track...loving Him more than anything else, loving the prophet, peace and blessing be upon him, and his companions, who supported him when he was oppressed, following all his teachings, responding with petience and accepting lack of worldly goods, hunger, loss of family members are some of the milestones and glad tidings that we are on the right track. Indeed, this road wiil be paved with pain, hardwork, struggle with the self, Iblis the robber and others, and all things that are not appealing to the soul. Never lay your guard, this trip is not over until it is over. We shuld keep Dhikr our guard, good deeds as our lugguage and not lose focus on where we are going, so that we may endure the pain of this trip. When we finally arrive at our destination, Al-Jannah insha Allah, we will forget all the pain.


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Excellent post MashaAllah.
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