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« on: Feb 19, 2008 08:25 AM »

 peace be upon you


I have read and understand the reasons why dogs are not allowed as house pets, but I wonder if I am making a "convenient justification" in regards to my own dog. I have read that sheep dogs and hunting type dogs are allowed, and my dog is a type of hunting dog, a rat terrier, used on farms and in homes to keep them rodent free. I can justify her living in my home since it is on a river and, therefore, there is a possibility of vermin, which she would eliminate, however, I have never had any type of rodent (that I know of) come into the house. She also, despite her small size, is a good watch dog, useful since I am a woman living alone. This short haired breed of dog is actually as clean as a cat...and so, my question...Is it being a bad Muslim to have such a dog living in my home? I am a new revert and wish to do things right.

I will value any opinions or insight into this issue. Thank you.

    Honorable sister,

    It is encumbant on everyone to obey the commands of Allah
fully and wholeheartedly, and not have any aversion to
Allah's ordainments. One must immediately turn in repentance
to Allah, by ceasing doing the forbidden action, and having a firm
resolve not to continue doing it.

   Keeping a dog as a pet, as stated by an hadith by prophet Muhammed
saw, results in the person losing a 'qirat' of of deeds for every day.
Some scholars mention that a 'qirat' is like a mountain (mount uhud), based on
another hadith with the similar word.

   The scholars say that one may keep a dog, if there is a need for it, like a
hunting dog, guard dog, dog for the blind, police dog, etc. However, this entails
a person having the neccessity first, then keeping a dog for that reason; not
someone that has a dog as a pet, and then trying to find justifications 
in the Islamic jurispudence for a leeway.

   I know that you love your dog, and hope that you find a
solution for your dog. You should look for a way 
not to keep your dog as a pet, and not keep prolonging the time that
you keep your dog as a pet, and for sure not to take in any other dog(s)
in the future. Don't keep waiting for days  for a long time, but soon.

     On a side note, there is another hadith mentioned in the noble book Bulugh Maram
by Ibn Hajar, about a woman who gave a thirsty dog some water to drink, so Allah
forgave her sins.

       And Allah knows

May Allah increase you in knowledge.
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