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Apr 18, 2014 09:51 PM
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Author Topic: And then when I am no more…  (Read 682 times)
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Jaihoon barely matters :(Jaihoon barely matters :(
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« on: Aug 08, 2010 09:25 PM »

 - Jaihoon

And then when I am no more
You will recall my love-lore

O love of my heart
Me you shall soon hate

Why consume this drink sweet
Such bitter you shall later hate

Why drink my obsessed wine
Soul is mad and possessed mine

Why lend me ear whole night?
Why befriend after every fight?

Why cherish my every word?
Why to dream in my world?

Have you thought of that solitary day-
When close to you shall I not stay?

Have you thought of that hour-
Not a word from me you’ll hear?

Have you thought of that moment-
When my memories shall you torment?

O my unwise Rose!
Why dig your own grave?
Why act so foolishly brave?

I am a madman let loose
Unlimited is my craze dose

Be not deceived with my charm
Cause not your soul so much harm

My love you cannot reason
Others may even call it treason

Let me wash my hands clean
Hold me not guilty for your pain

Love is abundant with pain
Tears for lovers like rain

Cure your own soul much before
The day I part is not much afar

And then when I am no more
You will recall my love-lore

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« Reply #1 on: Aug 09, 2010 03:10 AM »

I was just contemplating this topic and your poem showed up on my screen.

It's amazing how we all have such desperate obsessions for things that we desire, have our hearts broken when our hopes are dashed, and miss so many opportunities to be grateful, patient and 'be helpful' (cannot translate 'sadaqah' adequately.. short of brain cycles right now).

My brother and a few friends were helping out after the floods in Pakistan, and they asked someone there who had lost most of his family about how he was feeling. The gentleman replied that this is the will of Allah, and we have to be patient. Would Almighty Allah not reward one of His slaves who submit so completely to Him after such a difficult test? May we all have such Iman, and be guided by Almighty Allah to have the best of responses during our periods of difficulty.

We have to be patient, and keep out hopes, desires and efforts towards coming closer to Almighty Allah, and to remain as far as possible in a state of taqwa and ihsan.

.. and insha'Allah, we will be with the one whom we love, and who truly loves us when we our time as strangers in this world comes to an end, for truly, we do not belong here at all.

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