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Double, double toil and tazkiyah.

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Author Topic: 14 MILLION paid for a vanity plate in UAE  (Read 1770 times)
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« on: Feb 17, 2008 09:02 PM »

Check it out !!!!!!!!!
14 Million paid for a vanity plate.
Alhumdilliah it was for charity.
It goes to help vitcims of traffic accidents.
But personally I would of liked to have seen it go to
feed the hungry and shelter the homeless in Muslim countries.

The link has pictures.

License Plate Sells for $14 Million
Posted: 2008-02-16 20:32:16
Filed Under: World News
ABU DHABI, United Arab Emirates (Feb. 16) - A license plate with nothing but the number "1" on it went for a record $14 million at a charity auction Saturday.

Saeed Khouri, a member of a wealthy Abu Dhabi family, wouldn't say how many automobiles he owned or which of them might carry the record-breaking single-digit plate.

Manuel Salazar, AP Going Once ...
Going Twice ...1 of 9     A wealthy Abu Dhabi man shelled out $14 million for a vanity license plate with just one number on it -- "1" -- shattering the previous record of $6.8 million paid for a plate with "5" on it. In total, 90 license plates were auctioned off for $24 million.

"I bought it because it's the best number," said Khouri, whose family made its fortune in real estate. "I bought it because I want to be the best in the world."

The oil-rich UAE began auctioning off vanity license plates last May.

Ordinary automobile license plates issued to drivers here - and even most other vanity series plates - carry both Arabic and Western numerals and script, defining the issuing city and country.

Khouri's plate, however, has only the Western numeral and no letters.

The record sale surpassed the $6.8 million that was paid for an Emirati license plate at an earlier auction with the Western number 5 on it - also without Arabic numerals or letters.

Proceeds from the auctions, which are held in a lavish hotel here, go to a rehabilitation center for victims of traffic accidents.

On Saturday, 90 license plates were auctioned off in all, raising a total of $24 million. The previous five such events raised more than $50 million.

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« Reply #1 on: Feb 19, 2008 12:13 PM »

hmmm...i think that is an interesting way to raise money for accident victims.

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« Reply #2 on: Feb 19, 2008 09:19 PM »

I was reading the article this morning in the newspaper. I was amazed at how rich people are and they can afford to pay 14M on a sign that says 1. No.1 what? No.1 Fool?  Oh please forgive me, I don't want to be judgemental because the brothers intentions for paying that is between him and Allah and inshallah it is for the sake of charity.

But I can't help thinking that maybe the article is a sign of the last day, in relation to the difference between rich and poor. I was on a Harun Yahaya website and was musing over the following:

Over the last ten years, the injustice of income distribution has increased more than one can imagine. United Nations reports show that, in 1960, the 20% of the people of the world who live in the richest countries had 30 times the income of the poorest 20; by 1995 it was 82 times

The current statistical data point to what the Prophet (saas) said about the increase of poverty. In the hadiths, it is revealed that poverty and hunger will be among the signs of the first period of the End Times.

The poor will grow in number. (Amal Al-Din Al-Qazwini, Mufid Al-'ulum Wa-mubid Al-humum)
Gains will be shared out only among the rich, with no benefit to the poor.(Tirmidhi)


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I heart the Madina

« Reply #3 on: Feb 20, 2008 02:36 AM »


I'm not offended as we've seen much much worse displays of conspicuous consumption by ridiculous arab royals.  This auction thing is apparently held by their government's version of the DMV over there so it makes sense that they would use the profits for driving/road related things and it's nice that instead of going back to the gov't or to roads, it's going to help people.

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