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Author Topic: 20/20 on Islam in America  (Read 1209 times)
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I heart the Madina

« on: Oct 02, 2010 03:25 AM »

20/20 on Islam in America will air on ABC @ 10pm (on the East Coast)

So far seems not that bad.... although they have some wack speakers ie ex-muslims....

OK so watched it all... They'll probably put it up on abc.com or hulu.com later so if you want to see it don't read...

it started out so good but then went all downhill... First they showed a lot of American Muslims from all over, the "peaceful ones". Listed the 5 pillars. Then they showed images of ppl screaming and burning flags overseas!! Ugh then they had speakers like Irshad Manji (who actually answered the questions and defended islam very well lol) and ugh ppl like tarek fattah and ayan hirsi "ex-Muslims" who hate Islam...why are they always brought on as experts on Islam??! Then from there it was kinda all downhill and what was weird is that Diane Sawyer couldn't believe that Muslims believe Jesus is the Messiah (but not the son). How do Americans not know this at all??? And I didn't like the insinuation that Muslims could be "secretly hiding" their jihadi tendencies in their hearts or whatever that was about and how the only way to disprove that is to march on washington with a 1 million muslims and have a ghandi-like figure (diane's exact words). Sheesh kabobs.

I did like that they did show many different types of Muslims ie covered/uncovered white brown, doctors, engineers etc. But I noticed in some messages a number of Muslims were upset that no African-Americans were shown at all. (I think it's because they want to show Islam as a "foreign" religion and not an American one Sad )

Their main question was 'why aren't the "moderate muslims" speaking up'. uhhhhhh first of all by moderate i think they mean "the good ones" versus "the bad mozlims" which is a wack division (there is one islam and it is all good, what ppl do - may or may not be islam), and second HELLO WE HAVE BEEN SPEAKING UP but YOU NEVER SHOW US!!!

[This website has been here since 1995 with the same "moderate" message sigh thank u, come again.]
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