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Author Topic: need duas and an opinion  (Read 891 times)
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salaam to all sisters and brothers
This year my three year old boy has become ready for school (nursery). I live in that place on earth where because of population pressure on land and resources every thing from food cereals to nursery admission seats is scarce and thus very competative.(I live in New Delhi btw) And we are applying in Noida which falls in delhi region (admissions in delhi will be in december but noida is more appropriate for us)
We have started applying all over the place but ultimately there are just two schools where we want our son to go. Out of these two schools one is taking online registration. Today we filled the online form. In that form they stated that there is a reservation for kids whose "parent/s work for an enterprenuer carrying out industrial activity in Noida". Now my husband works for an MNC which is a software company and his office is in Noida. So we filled in for that category in affermative. There was no way for us to contact the school to ensure whether my husbands job actually falls in their stated category or not. If they find out at a later stage that it does not fall in that category our form will stand cancelled.
Can anyone here tell me if a software comapany actually falls in industrial activity or not.
Second scenerio that on interview day we are told that we have misinformed and our application is cancelled anyone please suggest me how I should put forth my point (school people are not going to be friendly or cooperative)  
Lastly and most importantly pleeaseee pray for my son and us that he gets through a good school. The choice that we make in the end my be best for him (please pray for taht too).Some schools here tend to be biased against muslims(we dont clearly know which school will carry what kind of policy). Plesae pray that my little one does not by our fault or mis judgement gets into any such school where he will have problems later on.
Thanks all of you. Please pray . We need perayers a lot. seat to candidate ratio is 1:30.
allah hafiz.
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