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Author Topic: Pakistan Floods - How to Help  (Read 448 times)
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I can see that "Islamic Relief" and "Edhi Foundation" have already been suggested on this site, for sending donations to help flood victims. Thought it would be a good idea if other trustworthy people/orgs are also listed here so that anyone wanting to help has more options to go with, depending upon how comfortable the donor is with how their aid/money is being distributed.

1. Imran Khan/PTI and Mir Khalil-ur-Rehman Trust

Account Title: "Imran Khan Flood Relief Fund"
Account Number: 0602-79007997-03
Bank Name: Habib Bank Limited, Pakistan (Any Branch)
Swift Code: HABBPKKA

Their website guiding how people from everywhere can help:
Search youtube to see how they are helping, there are plenty of videos - start here:

2. Flood Relief by Aaj News Channel (Efforts lead by two enthusiastic and honest anchors)

Acct Title: Syed Talat Hussain and Kashif Abbasi
Acct#:      0516616341000689
Muslim Commercial Bank, Stock Exchange Branch,
Blue Area Islamabad, Pakistan
Branch Code: 1390
Swift Code:  MUCBPKKAA

Their dedicated website:
And here is how they are helping:

3. Express Helpline Trust

Account title: Express Helpline Trust
Account Number: 0056 7900 2713 03
Swift Code: HABBPKKA
Bank: Habib Bank Limited, Clifton Branch, Karachi Pakistan.

Their site:
Here is a video showing how they are helping the flood victims:

Continuous help is needed, it would take at least couple of months just to start rehabilitating people. These people need our help, they need your help!


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