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Author Topic: Bees Brains Morph to Avoid Mid-Life Crisis  (Read 978 times)
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Bees Brains Morph to Avoid Mid-Life Crisis

Robert Roy Britt
Editorial Director robert Roy Britt
editorial Director – Fri Apr 3, 9:16 am ET

A person changing jobs at mid-life might wish for a redesigned brain up to the fresh task. Honeybees go through just such a metamorphosis, a new study finds.

The research adds to an impressive list of bee qualities, including the recent discovery that bees can count.

Female worker bees begin adult life working in the hive, doing such things as taking care of the baby bees. By around 2-3 weeks of age, however - roughly equivalent to middle age in human years -they make a major career change, switching to foraging for nectar and pollen.

(The queen, meanwhile, lounges around and mates with up to 20 males.)

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