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Author Topic: I can't stop it?  (Read 1148 times)
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« on: Oct 29, 2010 05:54 AM »

salam Alykom ...

I really having problem cutting off listening to music .. I listen to islamic nasheeds that include music but many scholars said its haram... What to do ..

last to years I memorized 10 chapters of the Qur'an just give my free time full to Allah .... know I feel I can't keep going

I can't keep memorizing again .. and I can't stop my listening to music ??

ppl look at me as a perfect Muslim according my looking and participating in muslim community ... I feel like a hypocrite .. ppl don't know who I am and wanna to obey Allah only and I don't care of what people say ...

appearing like perfect but inside having very weak and sinful lost self make me in sever pain

any advice ..

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« Reply #1 on: Oct 29, 2010 10:21 AM »

Going "cold-turkey" so to speak will make it harder to give up music. I don't know what type of music you listen to now, but if you've got stuff like heavy metal or songs which degrade women or talk about violence, give those up first. Then give up anything that contains music (other than masheeds). then, give up the nasheeds that contain music. eventually you'll be listen to only halal stuff inshallah. it'll be easier to do it in steps and it'll prolly end up being more successfull.

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« Reply #2 on: Nov 01, 2010 02:00 AM »

Asalaamualaikum bro/sis,

I feel your pain.  When i decided to give up music a while back, it wasn't an easy task.  I went through short periods where i would start listening to it again, then feel bad and give it up again.  However, when i did set my mind to give it up, i did it cold turkey.  I think giving it up cold turkey the first time helped in my struggle afterwards because the initial impact of not having music in my life at all made a great impression in my confidence in giving it up.  Sis/Bro, i suggest you seek help in Allah through du'aa and prayer, and always keep in mind that if you give something up for Allah, then he will replace it with something better!  Don't ever lose hope! Allah is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Raheem!  He will always have mercy on you and forgive you for your shortcomings.  You just have to keep struggling upon the path and fighting your nafs.  Allah will eventually make it easy for you insha'Allah, just keep him in your heart and mind at all times and always seek aid from him.  If you do this, you'll never fail!  Try to subsitute your music listening habits with something like Quran only, and listen to lectures on music.  May Allah help you in your struggle!

With the above said, from what i understand, the impermissibility of music is not something that the scholars agree upon with consensus, there are differences of opinion on the subject.  However, if you agree with the opinion that says that music is impermissible, then continue on your struggle, and Allah will make you successful insha'Allah!!

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« Reply #3 on: Nov 01, 2010 07:59 PM »

Assalamu alykum
All praise is due to Allah ,
I once heard sister talking to another sister ''I gave up listening to music wishing that Allah  to grant me something better and he did subhan Allah I am memorizing Quran !!
I was affected by that so much that I felt it was mean to be said to guid me because I was listening to music and I was in need for help so I said the same thing from sincere heart and Alhamdulillah now music is the most annoying thing to my ear!!I started memorizing Quran almost finishing suratul baqarah now and that was the reward from Allah s.w,I won't deny that it was so hard to give it up ,but Allah is there and he helps you when you make jihad with your nafs for the sake of him.
You're in my dua'a Insha'Allah

« Reply #4 on: Nov 01, 2010 10:34 PM »

salaaam.first of all well done for learing the chapters of the quran.mashallah.may allah reward you.im having the same problem with music.during ramadhan i stopped totally and now i dont listen to it as much where as b4 i had it on where ever i went.it takes time so try to wean youreself off it slowly inshallah.this is youre jihad and may allah reward you.but how do they justify music in nasheeds when they know its wrong.w/s Angry
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