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Author Topic: what's next ?  (Read 879 times)
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Salam Alykom

I hope every1 at best stat of health and Eiman ...  Smiley

I need 1 advice ... what I do next in my life ... am 21, living with good and loving family. Alhamdolellah this year I will get finish my undergraduate degree and no social/financial problems alhamdolellah ...
the Problem is I don't want to wast my youth ... but I don't fit with my community ... I tried to work with muslim centers\communities but I can't find myself there ..

I committed myself to many halaqa's and by the end I quit ..
one of thies experiances that I memorized 10 chapters of the Qur'an with tajweed but I can't keep memorizing anymore because my school takes all my time.

Moreover I worked with Muslim Association in my collage but I can't keep going ... It just not me ...

for the last year .. I have studied many Islamic knowledge with my own, depending on audio\video recording ... But I couldn't externalize it , once a wise friend told me " I know u many so much about Islamic knowledge, in fact I learned from u so many beautiful things in life but when it comes to Islam u didn't teach me anything except by ur regular actions"

I really don't know what to do next ... should I keep learning or try to push on myself and go for the community or I focus on my school , friends ... ext

especially that my family and most of my friends are dragging me to the back ... I rarely find ppl drag me toward ...

I don't want to wast my youth .. I want to be one of those who are shaded by Allah shade in the day of judgment ..
But I am completely Alon !!

jazakom Allahu khairan
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I heart the Madina

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You know what... if I could look back at my 21 year old self I'd tell her to calm down lol. Just like yourself.  Smiley Everything will be fine inshaAllah. Just take your time and try to figure out where you want to be in 10-20 years. Like what kind of job you want to do, what kinds of things in the community, what kind of family. And then slowly work towards those things. It's good to be continuously learning Islamically. Yes externalization is extremely difficult and sometimes doesn't happen but sometimes it does, sometimes even years later. While you're young take the opportunity to travel, see things, take different courses and things, work on things you feel passionate about. This will really enrich you as a person. May Allah bless your endeavors.
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You can start a vLog on YT... No kidding, give it a shot, you should post a video each week and talk about how did you spend your week. This video should also entail your plan for the next week.

Gradually you'll make your tiny goals and would try to accomplish them before you post your next vLog entry. And while you do so you'll get famous in a few years  bebzi

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