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Author Topic: The true meaning of the quran lost ?  (Read 1683 times)
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« on: Jan 04, 2011 07:00 PM »

salaam alaikum,

i am a muslim and i have studied islam a lot, but i have stumbled across this site that really made me think.

the maker is a muslim and he says that the real meaning of the quran is lost and only few people understand it (when i read that, i remembered a hadith of the rasool who said that at the end of times very few people would truly understand islam and the quran)

anywayz, everything he says makes so much sense, for example, he says that the descriptions of heaven and hell in quran are metaphors for spiritual realms. and i think that is true, reason 1 is because some verses in the quran say that in jannah u will not feel the heat of the sun nor coldness(so the physical reality is gone), and nothing will be intoxicating and no bad thoughts will be there. ok, so if jannah is a physical plane, then how can there be no bad thought and no coldness nor heat, physical reality is basicly based on distinctions, (hot and cold, good and bad, light and darkness etc..) he says the true meaning of the "gold cups" and "rivers of wine" is an abundance of what we want, and gold and precious experiences and ranks that we get, he says jannah is a place for our inner self to expand. what i remembered from the quran also made me think that it is all a metaphor. if im correct the quran states something like that the dwellers in jannah will get cold and refreshing drinks, while the dwellers in jahannam will get drinks that are so hot that it will melt their bowels. I thought to myself, why would there be such emphasis on drinks that we will get in jannah or jahannam, are drinks that important? unless, its a metaphor for something bigger, like experiences !

what this guy also says is that angels are the forces of nature wich i partly believe, because i remember some hadiths say that if jinns try to go to thehighest heaven, angels will throw blazing rocks at them (meteors in space, so the "angel" that throws the rocks is a force of nature). and also allah(s.w.t.) says that angels dont have free will and do what allah(s.w.t.) tells them, to me that really sounds like the forces of nature, like gravity, light and darkness, solid elements etc..

i really would love to hear what u guys think of this, believe it or not, but i was thinking of the quran this way a long time before i came across that website, and i believed it to be a possibility of the true meaning of the quran.

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« Reply #1 on: Jan 05, 2011 04:04 AM »

walaikum salaam ahmed,

welcome to the madina! write an intro if u get a chance!

about that website, i don't know who it's by or what it's about but from what you said, i've heard of these kinds of opinions before -- about how everything in the quran is metaphorical (angels, jinns, heaven and hell) and things in the prophet's life are explained away by science. but i believe most of the scholars think this is a wrong interpretation. the things in the quran and miracles in the prophet (s) 's life are just that. they are literal and physical, although we may not know the true nature of them.

i think sometimes as human beings we want to explain what we don't understand, to in a way defend it and especially nowadays when science, atheism and rational humanism reigns supreme in our world. but sometimes we just need to have faith in something even when we don't understand it.

i'm reminded of the prophet's travel to jerusalem and ascenscion to Heaven. it was so incredible at the time to travel from makkah to jerusalem in one night. so fantastical that the disbelievers were like "yup this is it, there ain't no way anyone is gonna believe in muhammad now!!" (my words) lol and then when they went to abu bakr radiahu he was like 'i believe, and what's more i believe he receives revelation from Heaven!'. so of course now we know travel like that is not fantastical. so the point is we sometimes can't fully explain something, and we shouldn't try to make something 'metaphorical' just because we are not able to understand it.
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