// "ALLAH" word or phrase ?
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Author Topic: "ALLAH" word or phrase ?  (Read 991 times)
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« on: Apr 24, 2011 01:42 AM »

Salaam alaikum, Smiley

im new here but ive posted a topic some time ago ("the true meaning of quran lost"),
but if u've read that topic u know from which view i come,
because im starting to believe more and more that people are losing the real meaning of islam
wich is the submission to the will of the single consiousness wich is called "allah",

go to this site "www.servantofthelight.com" and read some of his articles,
and then really think about it, the quran is much clearer without all the confusion and
religious traditions and understandings the muslim scholars are preaching these days.
notice that every scholar has his own opninion of some aspects of the quran? islam
is starting to look more like christianity, with all the traditions and blind faith and belief
in a god who has feelings and needs worship.

yes, a god is an outside force wich controls the universe and that needs the worship of
people, it is a personification wich is exactly the opposite of the idea of "allah", who is free
of needs.

and that is the topic i want to talk about, because in that site, the author also explains
why "allah" isnt a definite article "al" and then the word "ilah", but is actually a phrase wich stands for
"allathee la illah", (one who is not a god). here is an email i received from him :


اللَّهِ in Quran is what commonly would be called a phrase if written seperatly.  However, in script/text it was choosen to be written as اللَّهِ .  What is this phrase and commonly so called word consist of?
     ال لا أله
لا أله = is here in this portion لَّهِ of  اللَّهِthe shadda represents doubling of letters. The fetha above originally used to be an "alif", called as "dagger alif" (It is still present in old Quranic manuscripts and in caligraphy as dagger alif, but now being changed).  So middle verticle line represent two "Lams" of لا and  أله .  Where as dagger alif above this middle verticle line and above shadda represents two alif of same words.
Now if the concept of "One who is not a god" is clearly understood instead of a god, there is no problem in using word اللَّهِ to refer to our Rabb in its proper sense.


please let me know what you think, at this point i dont know if above is 100% true, but i do
believe that allah is not a person, but the single life-energy that emenates our whole reality, because
the idea of a god on a throne is just ridiculous

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« Reply #1 on: Apr 24, 2011 04:10 AM »


Hmmm I find your post rather problematic. I haven't been to that website or know anything about what is being preached there. However from what you wrote, Ii don't consider our scholars or the Quran or Sunnah confused. I do think people are confused about what is actually Islam and what isn't. And sometimes they don't want to practice Islam and like to believe that's no big deal and that we don't need any of those "old rituals" or "traditions" or whatever.

Blind faith is an interesting concept. Do Muslims have blind faith? Do christians? I think that each religious person believes in their religion based upon experience, feeling, learning and yes faith. Is that blind? I don't think so. But there are aspects of faith that can't be explained by exact reason. Like why do we pray? Obviously God does not need our prayers or worship as you mentioned. But Allah answers in the Quran that our prayers are for us. They actually benefit us, but we are heedless/don't understand. and when you really think about it deeply you can see that prayers do benefit us in so many ways.

The concept of "god" that you mentioned isn't the same concept of "Allah" that is mentioned in the Quran.
I think the fight over whether to use "Allah" or "God" is something that was introduced by missionaries. Obviously how Muslims define God is different than another religion, but the concept is the same:
Noun: (in Christianity and other monotheistic religions) The creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority

As for "God on a throne". if you believe in Islam, you know that this is a verse in the Quran ayatul Kursi, that Allah is on a Throne. if you believe the Quran is from Allah you know that is true, even if we can't understand or explain how this is.

The way to understand the concept of Allah is through His names and what is written in the Quran and Sunnah. don't compare it to any other religion or concept.
« Reply #2 on: Apr 24, 2011 01:25 PM »

Salaam alaikum jannah,

-- before you read, just note that im also a muslm,from iraq, and i was a very strict follower of the rules and "pillars" of islam, but im also a very open minded person, and i still pray, but in the right way with the right idea, that is what all muslims should be, besides, if we were to stay close minded how do we know that this is indeed the truth about our existence --

first of all i want to make clear that i dont say we dont need to have "old rituals", because 1. i totally agree that prayers are for us not for allah, that is also what i stated, but not very clearly 2. my point is those rituals arent "some old stupid rituals" that isnt what i meant, i meant people dont understand the meaning anymore, therefore they are called "rituals" , just blindly saying things and making rukuh and woodoo, without understanding the deeper concept. Even though some muslims do understand the concept that prayer is to evolve the nafs (soul), and to stay on the right path, most of the muslims these days just think that it is a "duty" and that you have to do it or else you go to a place where you'll burn, called jahannam. and that is the problem im talking about,

because my opninion is(and im happy to hear yours) that there is no such place. im going to tell you what my complete idea of islam is,

first of all you should read this if you start to think that im completely wrong : http://servantofthelight.com/content/view/92/124/

when you get the concept of that there is nothing but consiousness, and that this material world is an illusion, (so is seperateness of individuals, think about the unity of allah), then i want to continue saying that there is no god as in personification, there is only "allah"as in the single consiousness that emanates reality. therefore, if uve read the site, u understand that life begins with the dichotomy of consiousness-nothingness. and everything is based upon that dichotomy, the whole structure of the universe. when you live to evolve ur self, and to learn, and stay on the good path, you will continue to expand your nafs when u die, that is one side of the dichotomy (consiousness-nothingness). but if u go to the evil path, u will create illusions for urself (also in the quran it states that the disbelievers think they trick people but they trick none but themselves), those illusions are basicly ur false beliefs, ur "reason" to stay on the evil path. those illusions will force u to exclude urself from jannah, because jannah = pure truth, love, consiousness, evolving and therefore u force urself to go to the other side of the dichotomy, wich is nothingness (remember allah states that in jahannam there is nothing to eat, not drink, and u will "burn",as in it will be painfull)

this is just a part of my understanding but i think islam is supposed to be this way. freeing man from the prison of "religion", and bloodshed for nothing, maybe u wonder how i went from strictly following the rules to these ideas. well as i said i do a lot of thinking about life, and i am a truthseeker. i love islam, and i always thought that there was something wrong with the way islam is now, and im sure most of u know that, if u think very deeply.

im not asking u to change ur opinion just because of mine, but im just asking u to think about it. and ofcourse i would love to hear ur thoughts.


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