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Is there anyone on here who has or has dealt with an anxiety disorder? I have one, I just stopped medication (everything was great on it) I stopped and it's been too weeks & my body is weakend again from the anxiety (over nothing!). I am going back on it again because I cannot function & take care of my children without it, I feel so weak because I am relying on it to keep my thinking normal.
I just want to see if there are other muslims out there dealing with something similar, namley female (I am female). Have you taken medication? I am taking Effexor XR & it is very scarey when you stop taking it, so I am afraid I will be on it for the rest of my life.

Thank you
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I haven't suffered from anxiety to the extent where medication would be required.

However, have you spoken with your doctor, asked how long you will be taking this medication, I dont think it will be forever but you shouldnt try and come off it by yourself, consult your physician first.

I would assume that he/she will at some point perscribe something milder or decrease the dosage and eventually wean you off the drugs altogether.

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i am also a female and suffer from a strange sort of anxiety disorder. I get anxious over far fetched, imagined scenarios. they are mostly impractical, unreasonable stuff. my mind can't stop that. But when i get some real problem at hand and much better off because taht keeps me from pondering over imagined non-existent problems. I have never taken any medicines so far except one for a couple of days that is meant to slow down my mind and thoughts ...but tahts it. My problems are strange e.g....what if hubby brings a second wife?? what if a burglar talks me into opening the door for him?? etc etc. There are absolutely no indications of my husbnad marrying another and our society almost prohibits it and there are very remote chances of a burglar ever visiting my house. i recently started reading dale carneige's "how to stop worrying and start living"...its helping me a great deal. It also keeps my mind off the senseless anxiety when i involve my self in something meaningful and interesting at teh same time.
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Wa salaam sisters,
I was too afraid of long term consequences of my anxiety disorder (and other problems like depression) so I looked more into Islam for an answer, and alhumdulillah, here are the things that helped me personally:
--crying before Allah and realzing my humility in front of my Creator. Makes me realize He is there for me to ask Him, He is all powerful and nothing I can ever do can compare to His will for me.
--making sure I pray as many of the 5 salaahs on time (I am still working on Fajr). This gives me a routine I can expect in my day as well as something to look forward to. Smiley And It makes me happy retrospectively knowing I have some control in my life
--Interacting with a few close Muslims sisters I know (from school, work) and sharing with them Islamic lectures, quotes, stories, news, anything realted to Islam that's inspiring email Islam4girls@gmail.com so you can get an inspirational/knowledgeable email once in a while. Smiley I also suscribe to http://1000gooddeeds.com/
--Listening to the Quran in Arabic, and following the English translation along with it. you can use quranexplorer.com or quran.com or a handheld digital Quran (best gift ever!). Learning what is IN the Quran, words from Allah, give me guidance and support. This will really strengthen your imaan inshAllah.
--Listening to Islamic lectures online and reading articles written on www.suhaibwebb.com/ halatube.com  I really like Nouman Ali Khan (on youtube ex:
My Favorite Dua In The Quran - Nouman Ali Khan
) and this sister Yasmin Mogahed (she has her own website and this site: http://www.suhaibwebb.com/author/yasmin-mogahed/).
--doing small deeds of charity (like caring for my parents, buying my sister a gift, making my brother laugh/smile, hugging and inspiring a Muslim sister I randomly meet, saying salaam to random female Muslim sisters (I'm female), giving money to the Masjid, charity, homeless, etc).
--Even, try to find ways to give back to your Muslim community--by volunteering Islamically, doing Islamic art and sharing it, harness your talents and share them. Smiley Even if it's teaching your Kids Arabic or about Islam (cute site: http://www.ezsoftech.com/stories/rasool.allah.asp)  or escorting them to some Islamic realted event. I try to help clean up after Jummah prayers or help old ladies get chairs for the prayer, etc. Smiley Living your life daily as a Muslim is an example to your kids and others. Smiley Alhumdulillah.

These are the MAIN things that have helped me. I really really really encourage you to try one or a few if not all of these--or as many of these as you can, and inshAllah it makes a difference in your life!
I felt that this world had no long term solutions for me so I went to my religion, which I chose myself. Smiley I know I can find an answer in Islaam. Alhumdulillah. Smiley The Quran says:
"Verily in the remembrance of Allah do hearts find rest!"

Quran Surah 13 :The Thunder (Ar Ra'd), 28th verse

In reading the Quran in English recently, this stuck out to me (I am trying hard to find the ayah) but it said that those who decrease the remembrance of Allah, those are the ones depressed. That depression comes in our lives as we distance ourselves from remembering Allah.

I really realized then that keeping myself distant from Allah at the times I did changed my life (and gave me regrets and unhappiness). Smiley I think Allah gave us guidelines to live: like salaah, and how to have good character (as based on sunnah of rasoolAllah (saaw).
The beautiful thing about learning more about your religion is that your connection with Allah gets Stronger. SubhaanAllah. You gain and gain.Smiley
Sometimes I think retrospectively about why things have happened to me, this has helped me in difficult times: http://amuslimsistermaria200327.wordpress.com/2009/08/11/5-reasons-on-why-does-allah-test-us/  http://pathmeaningoflife.blogspot.com/2011/01/some-reasons-why-allah-tests-us-by.html

On regards to this world, for my problems I try to come up with the easiest solution to any problem I am seeing--trying to find an easy way to solve it without killing myself and with Allah's blessing --as we should ask Him for everything--even a shoe lace as per a hadith of Aisha (ra): A'isha (radiAllahu anha) said: "Ask Allah for everything, even if it is only a shoe-lace, beacuse if Allah does not make it easy, then it will not be possible." [as reported in a hadith in at-Tirmidhi 4:292 and others]

I make duaa for Allah to make things easy for you, and I'm happy I got to meet you on this forum. I pray I have said something useful to you. This is just me sharing my opinion and perspective and what has worked for me, nothing else. Smiley
I have learned that life is an "Everyday Struggle", No one has it easy though we many not see it, and that we have to find the inspiration and our happiness to move on and continue our lives. Smiley We have to make the effort and seek Allah's help. MAY HE MAKE IT EASY ON US, AMEEN!
Please keep me in your duas too,
love you feesabeelillah

"And whosoever is conscious of Allah, He will make a way for him to get out (from every difficulty). And He will provide him from (sources) he never could imagine. And whoever puts his trust in Allah, then He will suffice him. Verily, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Indeed Allah has sent a measure for all things." [65:2-3]
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