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Author Topic: Forcefully taking oath on quran?  (Read 462 times)
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« on: Jun 20, 2011 08:48 PM »


One of my freind's friend wants to her to take a oath on quran that she will never meet me or talk to me. this is because he thinks there is something between us. She doent want to take oath and also her family doesnt want her to take oath. but her friend is forcefully asking her to take oath.

She has now taken oath but not intentionally and wants to know what to do now as she want to talk to me and maintain our relationship.

please advise.

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« Reply #1 on: Jun 20, 2011 09:37 PM »


What do you mean she took the oath not intentionally?  If she did not want to take the oath she should have said I don't want to take an oath.  Was someone holding a gun to her head if she didn't?  If she swore by Allah to do something or not to do something then this is either a "yameen" or a "qassam".  These things are serious.  She should consult a local imam or scholar to clarify the rulings of this and discuss the matter in detail.

And are you a male friend or a female friend of hers?? The best advice I can give her right now is to stop talking to the person who she swore that she would stop talking to.  That's the honourable thing to do. 

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