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Author Topic: Sponsor An Iftar This Ramadan - For Families In Need  (Read 430 times)
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Asalaamualaykum warahmatullah wabarakaatuh,

Who Are HHUGS?

HHUGS are a UK registered charity (1117924) helping households who living under very hard circumstances and are in great need. Families who have recently had one of their family members put into Prison and are struggling with everyday tasks - many don't speak English as their main language, don't have transport to take kids to school, financially unstable as they have lost their main bread winner; and some have even had their benefits cut off.

HHUGS seek to help them get them selves back on their feet, and support them through emotional, practical and financial means.

For more visit:

The reality is none of them thought they would be in this situation, and who knows it could be us one day. So please open your hearts and your pockets and help us in this noble cause.

The Iftar Project

We are trying to raise money to provide Iftar for all the HHUGS families in the North; we have approximatley 20 families affected

We are seeking individuals to step forward to support this noble project; to either donate the full amount themselves or to take it upon themselves to raise the money.

By doing so you are helping your fellow Muslim brothers and sisters, your neighbours - and have your name written against this great deed.

One Iftar for a family, will cost £220 and it will insha Allah include the following food items:

Allowance for daily consumables; e.g. Bread, Milk, Butter etc
£50 Allowance for Eid

Donate Today

Deadline: Before Ramadan. 1st August 2011

How ever much you can donate please do; we do not have that much time til Ramadan is upon us.

For any more information please contact us on:

We are also looking for volunteers in the North, if you want to help us to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves; have a bit of spare time, or want to help us fundraise - or whatever skills you have - I am sure we can channel them in the right place. Please fill out the form below:

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