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Author Topic: Vegetarian cow worshipers want to eat harram beef burgers?smells Fishy or Meaty?  (Read 898 times)
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« on: Jul 05, 2011 10:09 PM »

Banerjee is a Brahman surname. Brahmans are vegetarians and worship cows.
Why would a vegetarians be demanding meat alternatives?

Hindus in Canadian city oppose Muslim prayers at school
 Tuesday, 05 July 2011 07:57

New Kerala

By Gurmukh Singh

Friday namaz at a school in the Toronto suburb of North York has angered Hindu advocacy groups here, who want it stopped.

The noon-time prayers for 400 Muslim students of the Valley Park Middle School were introduced three years ago.

Angry Hindu advocacy groups want the 40-minute prayers, which are conducted by an imam specially brought from a mosque, to be stopped immediately.

The local Canadian Hindu Advocacy, led by Ron Banerjee, is roping in various Hindu organisations to hold protests outside the school to pressure management to stop the Friday prayers.

"This is alarming and unacceptable. We respect the separation of church and state," Banerjee has said in interviews to the media.

"There's not supposed to be any religious classes taking place in public schools," according to Banerjee.

He says his group is writing letters to the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) to intervene to stop the practice being allowed by the school management.

The school has the responsibility for ensuring secular education for students, the Hindu advocacy leader adds.

Banerjee says upset parents of Hindu students at the Valley Park Middle School have brought this practice to their notice.

He said Hindu groups will also raise objections to "the serving of halal meat within TDSB schools. Our organisation is determined to ensure all Hindu students are provided non-halal meat alternatives".

Muslims, Sikhs and Hindus are the biggest non-white communities of the Toronto area.
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CNN Report - Shiva Linga Golden Gate Park Oct. 26 1993

The video is of Hindus in America worshiping a traffic bollard, in a public park. So Muslims praying Jummah at school breaks the separation of church and state?
But Hindus worshiping a Traffic bollard, public property, in a park, a public place is ok?
Just encase you don't know what the word Shiva Lingam means. The Hindus who saw the traffic bollard thought it looked like depictions of their god Shiva's erect private part. That is what they are worshiping.
The rights and wrongs about worshiping stones and private parts is another issue.
The issue at hand is, the canteen was used by Muslims at a time when it wasn't used by anyone else. Before Muslims made use of it, they were leaving lessons early to attend Jummah. So this allocation was needed for them to be able to study.
The key issue about the Traffic bollard is, it was stored in the park temporarily, until it is required to control traffic.
What happens when it is required to control traffic again?
Will the city have to purchase a new traffic bollard?
If the traffic bollard is used once again to control traffic, will the Hindus continue worshiping it in the middle of traffic in open roads?
If so, does that conflict with church and state?
And what if they mistakenly worship the wrong traffic bollard, they all look pretty much the same?

(There was something false in the video, the journalist calls Shiva the Hindu god of power, Shiva is the Hindu god of death and destruction, part of their trinity along with Vishnu and Brahma)
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