// TSA Body Scanners Due for Update, Will Not Show Nude Bodies
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Author Topic: TSA Body Scanners Due for Update, Will Not Show Nude Bodies  (Read 469 times)
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« on: Jul 21, 2011 03:04 AM »

I wonder why this took so long to implement?


TSA Begins Installing Software That Makes Scanners Less R-Rated

For travelers whose main concern about the TSA's full-body scanners is the potential of having their naked form displayed or downloaded onto some screener's thumb drive, this may be good news. The agency announced today that it has begun installing software that displays objects hidden beneath passengers' clothes but not show detailed images of their nude bodies.

Instead of displaying images of the passenger being screened, the software shows a generic human form — not unlike what you'd see on a restroom door — with indications of where the hidden object(s) are located on the traveler. (More ...)

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