// Just found out about a health issue...
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Author Topic: Just found out about a health issue...  (Read 685 times)
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« on: Jul 27, 2011 07:45 PM »

I don't know how to react to my positive test result. I'm really sad but I feel a certain amount of resentment too, and I just want to be grateful and hopeful. I feel like crying, but haven't been able to yet. I haven't shared the news with anyone, because I don't think it's the right time, and I feel sort of guilty and ashamed.

The doctor has asked me to tell someone, but I've been putting it off. 

I'm just looking for advice, duaas, words of wisdom..

Thank you.
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Ask your doctor to recommend a counselor for you. Even talking to a stranger can help inshaAllah. Check online for support groups/websites for whatever you have. InshaAllah things go well for you!
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Do you have anyone in real life who is very clsoe to you and wont be judgemental, like a best friend or someone whom you could talk to?

You can't worry about it silently forever it will make you crazy.

Speak to someone or see if you can get counselling as suggested above.

Hope you're ok.

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