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Author Topic: My Country: A very complicated Nation  (Read 331 times)
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Dont be sad...

« on: Jul 27, 2011 09:17 PM »

I often wonder what makes my country people very sensitive to religious issues. In Nigeria, there is only litle or no religious tolerance. To the extent that recently there's call from all over the country to abolish the one-year mandatory youth service program for university graduates during which, graduates are posted to states different from their states of origin to serve the nation. The reason for the call, is as a result of continous mutulation and killing of the youths during frequent religious crises.

The very recent development that's bringing tension is a move to introduce interest-free banking (Islamic-Banking system) by the Central Bank. During a close session with the National Assembly last week, the governor of the apex bank, Lamido Sanusi convincingly explained to the legisture the need for the banking system. He cited many countries where the system is adopted including the U.S.  and U.K, and even mentioned the Vatican stance on Islamic Banking.

The strange part of all these is that, the national Christian Association has make the issue religious. By all means, they have sworn to halt the introduction of the system. Why? Because it carries Islamic name!

If we are to continue like this, I smell no bright feature for my country. Tolerance and accomodation is the only key to multireligious nation's progress. 

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