// husband refusing medicine
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Author Topic: husband refusing medicine  (Read 681 times)
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« on: Aug 03, 2011 07:29 AM »

salam everyone
i have a huge problem at hand. My husband is a patient of bipolar disorder. He had it when we first got married. I was unaware so we had big fights because of his temperament and one day i finallly left with my four month old baby. That affected him a lot. He took on medicines. I came back and we were living blissfully for the past 4 years. Now it has occured again. Manic episode. His mania is directed towards religion. He prays at odd hours of night LOUDLY making my sleep impossible. He talks, talks and talks. His EEG says that with this kind if talking his nerves will soon give away. He will have memory loss. But he does not believe EEG but only himself and his ideas of right and wrong. He is refusing medicine. Thrice I hinted towards medicine and he threatened me with divorce or a second wife who would be more suitable for his new found high mental level!! With his mania on i think he can pretty well do any of these rash actions. Intervention of friends and realtives has been futile. I ahve almost made up my mind to bear with all that comes my way but I am more concerned about the practical problems   and health issues his behaviour will cause to him. His sibling are suggesting that i mix medicine in his tea and all but i am too scared to do that. Can anyone suggest what i should do to be able to life sanely with my husband. And please pray for me that i keep to my senses and keep my patience Smiley
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Is there any support network for partners of mental health patients available where you are?

If he's not taking his medication you have to speak with his doctors and decide together the next steps. I'd have him admitted to hospital actually if he's going to end up harming himself and his family. Which he is by depriving you all of sleep.

Btw, a person who is not in full use of his mental faculties cannot divorce or marry, so if he's not lucid right now I wouldn't get too stressed about his threats (double check with a trusted alim).

You guys are in our duas inshallah.

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I am making duaa for you & your family
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