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Dear brothers and sisters, when I look around myself into the society in which we live, and then when I make myself to the past fly, I see a lot of variation, variations in lifestyle, in dress, in behavior, in standards in culture and society as a whole. And then I think that whether is this change desirable for us? has this change done good to us, as it could only if it could have got us closer to Allah. Then is it an individual question for every one of us to ask ourselves, or thinking it as a whole and thinking what made the things change so drastically in these few decades? what influenced our society, our culture, our lifestyle, our deen, out iman and hence our glory and dignity?? As it were we who were of dignity and pride, it's we who gave the world a system which it ever fails to reproduce or even illustrate! We needed no culture, we needed no principles,we are complete, as much as no one else is.

We really need to know the past! that is where lies our identity, back a millennium and a half or so. Were we not the ones who ruled and under the regime of who people and humanity prospered as in no other regime? were we not the ones who taught humanity how to be human? were we not the ones who gave humanity a purpose to live? were we not the ones who gave humanity the key to science? were we not the ones who gave humanity the key to mathematics? were we not who gave many countries a fine culture?

You will find all the affirmative answers in the history, yes the history which is buried alive, which is tampered and which is forced out of sight! We need to know dear brothers and sisters, we need to know. And we need to educate!

Coming out of the glorious past with no match in the whole history of mankind; it's time to think what made the changes? You can feel the gap in generations, what is the gap? is it to be called modernization or adaptation or perhaps unislamization ? it's a big question dear brothers and sisters the answer of which is known but people seem to have learned to compromise. This gap is the loss of deen in the generation! this gap is loss of imaan! this gap is loss of taqwa! this gap is loss of link with God! this gap is loss of principles! this gap is loss of dignity! loss of honor! loss of pride! and no wonder what.. Don't you think we are loosing the generation? what could be the reason the cause? are we handing over our generation to people with incomplete culture and people with illusion of dignity and discipline? people with no history to be proud of? people with no future to work on? people with no pure background? who can give you better when YOU HAVE THE BEST?

It's about time dear brothers and sisters that we wake up, that we learn, that we educate, knowledge is our inheritance, we need to have it with our own principles as we have our own, which are the best, because they are no man made. We need to educate them with best way we can the best use of technology, the best use of management, the best use of internet, the best use of our OWN principles. But it's not as easy as it's for me to write and you to read, we have made it difficult, but after all it's ours and we shall know it. Everything to come into action needs suggestions, I need yours rather say, we need our all's suggestions on this aspect as how to create a system which seems to have many hurdles. Please give your brain a push, give what your thoughts can! IT"S A NEED!
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