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Author Topic: 70 Ansars Needed Today - Invest in Your Akhirah  (Read 898 times)

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« on: Aug 25, 2011 12:39 AM »

    Assalaamu-alaykum wa rahmat-Ullaahi wa barakaatuhu
    Hope you're in the best of health and eemaan!
    I have come across yet another opportunity for us to make the most of this blessed month masha'Allaah. They just keep popping up and what kind of a Muslim would I be if I didn't share the good opportunties with you all. So here goes...
    Mercy Mission UK are trying to raise money to build the first refuge shelter for Muslim sisters in Birmingham. Insha'Allaah once this has been established hopefully there will be more all around UK.
    This project is very close to my heart as I have personally come across many revert sisters who have been married to 'Muslim' men and been subjected to all kinds of inhumane treatment, as a result of which they and their children have had to reside in non-Muslim shelters. The shelters have not respected their religious beliefs, and have not treated them well.
    I know of a revert sister who was forced to prostitution because of her 'Muslim' husbands gambling problem; and to be able to prostitute herself she would drink alcohol and take various drugs to forget what she had done.
    She ended up losing both her daughters to the social services, and has been in and out of prison; and she felt her deen was safer in prison than if she was outside on her own, with no one to help, and everyone looking down on her.
    There are many sisters who suffer this kind of treatment, but our revert sisters suffer so much more because they have no 'Muslim' family to support them in their faith; to strengthen them; many become apostate...but are they really to blame???
    SubhaanAllaah... we have no one but ourselves to blame...we are not helping them as we should, so this project masha'Allaah is definitely a MERCY MISSION.

    Please donate your zakah and sadaqah to this project and help give these sisters their dignity and life back. What if this happened to us? What if it happened to our sisters, mothers, daughters, wives? Surely we would do whatever we can to help...these are our sisters, daughters, mothers, and they are being humiliated. Allaah says the one who saves one life is like the one who has saved the whole of humanity; just imagine the amount of lives you will help save; the honour and dignity that you will give back to these sisters.
    Please give, knowing that Allaah will give it you back manyfold. This is a test for us; to see whether we act or ignore their plea; and maybe one day when we are in need our plea will be ignored.
    SubhaanAllaah Allaah says He will help His believer as long as the believer helps his/her fellow Muslims.
    So, the question is: DO YOU NEED HELP?
    JazaakumAllaahu khayran
    May Allaah remove the tests and trials of all those who donate to this cause; may He comfort and mend your hearts; may He bestow upon you all His blessings, from wealth to health to self-suffiiciency; and may He never test you the way these sisters are being tested-aameen!

    Join us in these last blessed 10 days of Ramadan, and give your Zakaat / Sadaqah to this noble cause; and be from the 70 Ansars today! Click below to donate:
    Was-salaamu alaykum wa rahmat-Ullaah
    Your Sister

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