// Niqab fine in belgium paid for by Muslim french businessman.
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Author Topic: Niqab fine in belgium paid for by Muslim french businessman.  (Read 508 times)
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I sort of disagree with him, that next miniskirts could be banned.
The ban isn't about banning clothing, it is about banning Islam. It would be Hallal meat, fasting or praying that might be next on the ban list.
France and Belgium are two countries that banned Hijab. There are a Bunch of countries like New Zealand which haven't banned Hijab but have banned Hallal meat. China has banned fasting in Ramadhan for Muslims.
Tajikistan a Muslim country has banned Salat.
What happens is some countries use other countries as an example, to do copycat bans until you have many countries with outright bans on Islam, all of it.
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