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Author Topic: Rules?  (Read 589 times)
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« on: Oct 01, 2011 09:50 AM »

Is there any ruling in Islam on holding hands in public? (For a husband/wife of course)
If a married couple go to the cinema, is it ok to lean on each other?
Can a married couple kiss each other when picking each other up from work?
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So you want a fatwa on PDA!!! Hilarious Cheesy

Allah knows best but I can't remember if there is anything specific. I did read a fatwa once about a husband and wife holding hands in the haram shareef in makkah and they said it was fine.

There's that hadith about the prophet saw walking with his wife and him telling others they met that this was his wife so they wouldn't think anything.

I dare someone to ask their shaikh if PDA is Islamic or not smitten
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