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Author Topic: Help Hhugs - Invest in your Akhirah today  (Read 889 times)

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« on: Aug 26, 2011 12:06 PM »

Asw, Insha Allah you are doing great.

"Unfairly imprisoned, Tortured, and Oppressed.. your brothers and sisters right here in the UK are in the need of your help."

Have you heard of HHUGS?

They are a UK registered charity (1117924); helping households who are under great stress. HHUGS support families who have recently had one of their family members put into Prison and are struggling with everyday tasks - many don't speak English as their main language, don't have transport to take kids to school, financially unstable as they have lost their main bread winner; and some have even had their benefits cut off. HHUGS seek to help them get them selves back on their feet, and support them through emotional, practical and financial means.

Please watch the following video:

Helping Households Under Great Stress - 2011

We are fundraising to raise £5,000 to support a HHUGS family who are struggling with each day that passes them by.

This will cover the needs and requirements for a family for a whole year. It will cover a range of services; such as - prison visits, shopping vouchers or other forms of financial support being offered to the family, possible debt payments, additional one-off requests during the year, helping some families to pay for driving lessons, funds for educational/vocational courses, treatments for illnesses; etc. £5,000 is an average cost to support a family for a year.

We are in the blessed month of Ramadan, and have now entered the last 10 nights - Who will step forward and help their Muslim Prisoners and their families? Who is out there that will lend a goodly loan to Allah? Who will dig deep in their pockets and give purely for the sake of Allah SWT?

Don't miss out, be a winner and please donate to this noble cause and invest in your hereafter; give today and reap the rewards tomorrow with your Lord.


May you all have a wonderful Ramadan and a fabulous Eid. Please remember our cause and the families impacted by anti-terror legislation in your duas while you are fasting. Please pass on this campaign to everyone you know to encourage them to donate allowing these families in need to also share in the same comforts of life that we do.

May Allah reward you all with Jannah. Ameen
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