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Author Topic: Mecca for the rich: Islam's holiest site 'turning into Vegas'  (Read 2281 times)
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I don't know, but that's the word going around the Kingdom. When they started this construction boom around the Haram, many Saudis lost their land. The authorities promised to compensate them but they haven't done it yet and to top it off, it wasn't at the market rate. That land or whatever building they had there was their bread and butter, now they're businessless and jobless. Small businesses are almost bankrupt because pilgrims can see only designer stuff around the Haram, these small businesses have been relocated elsewhere. The worst - nothing has been done for the common pilgrims. Most of the hotels are 5 star charging at least SR5,000 a night, no common pilgrim can afford that, he still has to walk from afar. So, all in all, the only people who have benefited from all this are the authorities and business tycoons. That's why people think it's a curse.

Hmm...we do not know how The Almighty controls things,he knows better.But, He always provides justice!!

Anyway, it is sad to know that surroundings of  holy place like Haram and the act of pilgrimage has been commercialized too, thus failing to display and maintain humbleness.

Surely there is no need for many  star hotels and luxuries around the Haramain.
Hope the so called royal family on whom lies the authority realize that  there is no need for commercialization,atleast near the place of ibadaah. Common man should never be put to trouble!

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