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« on: Aug 18, 2011 06:17 PM »


Ok so i was planning on keeping a fast today, but before my mom came to wake me up for suhur, i had a wet dream and was in the state of janabat. So i didn't do ghusl before fajr thinking i wont have enough time and didn't keep a fast thinking that i could make it up. So is this ok or was it a sin by not keeping a fast?

Also, i have a broken foot and my doctor told me i have to eat alot of dairy food. So is it bad if i skip a day and then keep a fast and skip a day again?

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These are best asked to your Imam. And don't worry he's heard all these questions before and it's been detailed in the books of Fiqh!

In general you don't have to be in a completely tahir state entering into Fajr time, but I believe you should do ghusl in time to pray Fajr prayer before it goes out and you should definitely fast. Even if you pray Fajr late, you still have to fast. Prayers are also separate from Fasting. If you are late praying it doesn't affect the validity of fasting.

Fasting in Ramadan is obligatory, unless there's a real valid reason to not fast, a person HAS to fast. You can't just decide you don't feel like doing it and "make it up". Someone who just decides on their own not to fast for no reason thinking 'they can make it up' has to fast 60 consecutive days just to make up one day of Ramadan!!! So let's make sure there's a real reason.

About your broken foot, it's best to ask the doctor what he thinks, if it's safe for you to fast or not.

and Allah knows best.
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