// Jammah is farrad even if you occupy wall steet or any other street
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Author Topic: Jammah is farrad even if you occupy wall steet or any other street  (Read 712 times)
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Is anyone surprised that the usurious ones shouted anti-Semitism as soon as anyone attacked usury?
Its just a slogan to them. They use it every time someone says something they don't like.

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The funny thing is, I just saw a video by Gilad Atzman, the Israeli Jewish anti Zionist that explains this.
He calls it pre-traumatic stress disorder.
Everyone has heard of post traumatic stress disorder. He says Pre traumatic stress disorder is something unique to Zionists where they try and get stressed before anything happens to them
So in the wall stress protests, before anyone says anything against Israel or Zionism, they scream anti-semitism, just in case someone in the protests decide to say something against Israel or Zionism in some future date.

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