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Author Topic: Bad Family Issues  (Read 646 times)
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« on: Oct 16, 2011 06:57 PM »

Salam alaikum. Now I know this topic might sound sour.  Sad
But I have come across a sample of a bad family issue here : http://au.answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20100326035712AAOf2eK

I just want to know what is the islamic way to deal with such issues if you were in that girl/boy's shoes...in your opinion?
Users in that community suggested finding a house and keeping in touch to the minimum with the parent and maybe others expressed their personal views that they'd rather stay far forever from the parent...well?
I know Islam emphasizes on respecting parents especially our mothers. But the link I referred to you all represents exceptional circumstances. Keep in mind there's a lot of emotional, financial and child abuse going on among many families on this planet and some kids sadly grow up doomed. Sad

If the link doesn't open with you, please let me know. We're most likely going to discuss mainly on etiquettes. If administrators/moderators think I am violating the forum's terms of uses, please let me know and I truly apologize!

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I kinda liked that bluebeard or whoever's answer for that particular question.

For Muslims, I know culturally supporting your parents is equated with living with them, but sometimes it's just not healthy and good for you or them!. I don't think adult kids are meant to live with their parents in the West the way the culture is and the way the houses are built over here. I'd suggest that if someone is in an abusive/unehealthy home life, the kid goes away to college and try to make something of themself. Keep the family ties, but become more mature and independent, and then come back to help your family.

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