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« on: Dec 29, 2009 08:16 AM »

for about a yeark.
does anyone have any duaas?
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I'd like a dua too please =)
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Pray that you get income support so you don't have to sign on ever to weeks to get JSA. Smiley
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Recite the Quran in general, pray extra lots of nafl salat and make duas.

I was also told to recite surah Waqia after Isha and the reciter will inshallah never face poverty inshallah (I don't know how true this is tho, but I do it anyway because I enjoy reciting the Quran).

And do Istighfar lots of it. I went to Jummah a while back and the Khutba was on Istighfar, the imam said if you seek wealth then do istighfar, if you are childless do istighfar etc.

He said the sunnah way is to recite istighfar three times after each salat.

May Allah grant you a Halal source of rizq from Him, may He also give you great barakah in your rizq.

The best income is that which one earns thro ones own hard work.

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