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WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Our brother Babar Ahmad


 I have a request for you- could you please send the email below to all your muslim contacts? please seek out all the contacts you have far and wide in the UK...and also post on your FB status about the petition, even if its simply www.letsgetjustice.com

 The brother is a local south londoner...he has been arrested 7 years ago and no charge has been laid against him. He hasnt been given the right to stand trial in a court of law. They now want to extradite him to the US, where they have the most inhumane conditions and the least respect for 'human rights'...as proven by US' treatment of Aafia Siddiqui.

 100,000 signatures are needed, currently there are only 15,000+ and they say there are 6 million muslims in the UK? 100K signatures should be a breeze!

 Pls speak to your friends,...esp those with alot of contacts/mailing groups/part of muslim organisations and ask them to forward this. If you or anyone you know has an islamic network/society at university or work, speak to the brothers/sisters in charge and send this to contacts in the mailing group. We need the petition to spread like wildfire and get the numbers up. We will be asked on DoJ about this, our brother needs our help, we have to act or else we're accountable for our lack of action.

 May Allah reward you abundantly
It has been established from the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) that he said: "Feed the hungry, visit the sick and free the prisoner."

It has been narrated by Saeed through his chain from Hibban bin Jabalah, that the Messenger of Allah (SAWS) said: "Indeed it is obligatory upon the Muslims to free their captives or to pay their ransoms."

Assalamu alaikum All

I hope you are all well and in the best state of health and imaan.

Please please please please can you sign the petition for Brother Babar Ahmad. SubhanAllah, our brother needs our help and we can help him by just putting our name on a list. We need 100,000 signatures for the petition to be successful. Please play your part and sign it. He has been detained WITHOUT TRIAL for 7 YEARS and now they want to extradite him to America to be tried - we have to stop this from happening. Please follow the link below and help us to help our dear brother.

And please do also forward this message to ALL your contacts - it shouldn't take you more than 2 minutes. If we all do this we will be that much closer to our target insha Allah.
Make sure you respond to the CONFIRMATION EMAIL that you receive, or your signature won't count.

If you read this, and do not act then you will be accountable to Allah on the DoJ for this.
Jazakallahu khair and may Allah reward you all.


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URGENT ACTION: Petition for Babar Ahmad

Babar Ahmad's family call for all supporters of Cageprisoners to sign an e-petition calling for him to be tried in the UK.
The family of Babar Ahmad are calling for 100,000 people to sign an e-petition calling for him to be tried in the UK. They wish for a full discussion to take place at a parliamentary level in relation to his extradition, and this can only happen if 100,000 people support the petition. The link to the petition can be found here:
Please forward the e-petition on to all your contacts through email and social networking sites.
Please tell anyone and everyone to sign it, put it on people's walls, they have only 3 months, until 10/11/11 to get 100,000 signatures.
Please note only UK residents or citizens can sign.

 You have to put your postal address, but neither your name or address is shown to the public and addresses are only for verification purposes.

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 Email:  contact@cageprisoners.com
 Web:  www.cageprisoners.com
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Your good friend in the UK Humza Arshad also talked about this:

Diary of a bad man babar ahmad
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