// Adnan Oktar Mahdi?
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Author Topic: Adnan Oktar Mahdi?  (Read 810 times)
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« on: Jan 11, 2012 06:29 PM »

Do you think these hadiths narrated by Adnan Oktar incident to Mahdi are correct:

1) Adnan Oktar says that the name of Mahdi will be Adnan like his.
2) Adnan Oktar says that the eyes of Mahdi will be green like his.
3) Adnan Oktar says that the beard of Mahdi will be thin like his.
4) Adnan Oktar says that the walk of Mahdi will be like his.
5) Adnan Oktar says that the breast of Mahdi will bear a leaf like his.
6) Adnan Oktar says that the body of Mahdi will be broad like his.
7) Adnan Oktar says that the brow of Mahdi will be like his.
Cool Adnan Oktar says that the eyebrows of Mahdi will be high like his.
9) Adnan Oktar says that the scar on the brow of Mahdi will be like his.
10) Adnan Oktar says that the hair of Mahdi will be luxuriant like his.
11) Adnan Oktar says that Mahdi will look young like him

He talks about more than 100 similarities between himself and the Mahdi and finally he says that Mahdi will not say he is the Mahdi like him. Do you think these hadiths are correct?

On the other hand he has many services for Islam. Do  you think he is the Mahdi I/we should follow or is he a guy preparing base for Mahdi or does he just receive this as a toy from the God that in order to make these services.

May Allah bless you.

Best regards,

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Advice: listen to what he has to say about evolution and
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