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Author Topic: What to do with Bridal clothes as gifts?  (Read 622 times)
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« on: Jan 01, 2012 07:31 PM »

I forgot how useful the Anonymous postings are Smiley

OK so over the years a few people have gifted me/or we gave them money to buy something nice. And they've brought back very beautiful bridal clothes from their country. But I would never actually wear them for my wedding because I prefer a different style/colors. And I don't want to wear them one day just for the sake of wearing them. What should I do with them? You can't really gift bridal clothes to someone else? Can I sell them on Ebay or is that mean?

« Reply #1 on: Jan 01, 2012 08:31 PM »

eBay them, or charity shop.

Not mean at all.
« Reply #2 on: Jan 01, 2012 09:46 PM »

My wife has two sahrahras, only warn once.
I think that is what girls intend to do in weddings?
(unless they believe muta hasn't been abrogated)
Anyway, she wanted to send them back home so poor people can use them to get married.
Thing is it is more cost efficient to bin them and send the money for them to buy new ones. Because Bridal clothes are heavy, so cost more to send than they do to buy.
So, I think the best thing is to sell them to white people without telling them it is bridal.
Hippy types will buy it thinking they are regular desi clothes?
« Reply #3 on: Jan 01, 2012 09:46 PM »

Oh ... it came on as anonymous? Anyway, you guys can probably guess who I am anyway?
« Reply #4 on: Jan 02, 2012 10:49 PM »

this is Sr.Kathy
I collect and give away Islamic clothing to the poor. Many on this board have sent me clothing.
If you don't need the money send them to me. IM me.
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