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« on: Jan 01, 2012 05:31 PM »


Okay people, so alhamdulillah I've been having a lot of personal discoveries lately, and have been trying to improve my faith, in the past few years. I was a conservative-yet-hypocritical sort of girl? And now I'm definitely feeling much better about Islam and am actually happy practicing it.

Yet I tend to find that at the moment some Muslims' approach to Islam tends to scare me away. E.g. Fatwa-filled blogs of people who ARE religious but I just don't know....I find that simple, happy blogs about other Muslim girls' lives help me to increase my Iman. Did anyone else encounter that feeling?

And the major question definitely: Sis Jannah your guide to boyz on your blog has been SO helpful in helping me to judge whether to talk or not! So, I find that luckily I have never, ever been in a deep relationship with a boy, alhamdulillah, and never intend to! But I am fairly friendly with the nicer boys that I know, eg I will laugh in class discussions or discuss nerdy stuff like anime and computer games. I've always been very careful not to get deep with them, all of them know that I am serious and religious, and I am sarcastic to the extent that plenty of them are rather scared of me! I refuse to indulge in a conversation that involves dirty jokes or swearing...so fairly okay.

The question:do you think that it's wrong for me to be fairly friendly/laughy with some boys I know?

Your words are appreciated!

P.s. I don't talk online or on the phone with guys...thanks Jannah!

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« Reply #1 on: Jan 01, 2012 07:16 PM »

walaikum salam,

Totally agree on the whole fatwa phenomenon on the internet. I think if someone wanted a fatwa they should go to a local scholar and explain their whole circumstances to them and get a personal answer, but that's just me.

Anywayz talking to boys can be a slippery slope.... when is it just polite talking and when is it flirting??? I think when you start to feel like you're being flirty to someone or start to feel like you "like" someone you should back away. It isn't easy to wait until marriage for all  that especially when most girls have to wait until they're done with their studies to get married, but inshaAllah you'll be able to do it!
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