// Hijrah for marriage?
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Author Topic: Hijrah for marriage?  (Read 456 times)
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« on: Jan 03, 2012 07:38 AM »

Salamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barabatu,

yaakhi i want to marry a somali girl for her deen and so that i can concentrate on my deen. I have told my mother about her and how her family changed to due to my close akhi which i was grown up with practising islam. He knows that in London everyone including my family has left me for the fitnah that I am going through, i go to mosques and the people outcast me, in college i am being harrased mentally by my fellow students and which behind it all is my teacher. My problem is that i had fallen in love too much with an afghani girl, but my akhi warned me and convinced me that she wont help me in my deen because our relationship was haraam and with a haraam start of deep love, the marriage will only be based on this love and not islam. After this more women wanted me wherever i go whether it is on the train, bus and even my neighbours harass me. I tried to endure but i cant concentrate and everywhere in london that i go i get harassed mentally, and here there is no-one to help me. My akhi offered to me his sister for marriage as he could see my situation, and he offered me a place to make hijrah fisabillah to and offered me money that Inshallah i will pay back. I have now tried everything from the deen with my mother to convince her to let me get married to this girl but my mother wont let me. My mother wants to force me to get married without it being from the deen, all my mother wants from me is to marry within the family regardless of her deen.

So I ask you akhi to advice me what to do, if i should make hijrah now like muhammed (saas) and the sahabi's did after their tribe wouldn't listen to their da'wah.

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« Reply #1 on: Jan 03, 2012 07:55 AM »

walaikum salam wrt wbt,

Not sure if I understand your english totally but sounds like you want to marry someone that your mother doesn't want you to marry. It's really a tough situation to be in. I think maybe spend your time away from 'all these sisters and thoughts of getting married" and concentrate on your studies as you said you're in college. Once your parents see that you are serious and responsible I think they might be more likely to accept whoever you marry, or at least then you'd be mature enough to try to make your own decisions.
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