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Author Topic: Islamophobia: Western imperialists want capitalist system in Islamic world  (Read 437 times)
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« on: Feb 02, 2012 02:30 PM »

Islamophobia: Western imperialists want capitalist system in Islamic world

NATO opposes truly Islamic states



Islamophobia, a direct consequence of Sept-11 hoax, engineered by the CIA and its allies, has been ignited and then exploited by fascist global media (FGM), is serious threat to establishing truly Islamic societies to  make Muslims live as the best possible humans.

Triclomatic/diplomatic missions of western terrocracies across the globe, including in Muslim nations, create preconditions to creating essentially anti-Islamic societies and in Muslim nations this calculated mischief has made the Muslims anti-Islamic. That is the real tragedy for Muslims. . 

Islam is being equated by anti-Islamic forces and FGM outlets with terrorism and the regimes are engaged in terrorizing Muslims and others.

There is now no one Muslim nation where leaders are free from corruption malaise. Liquor and crimes are encouraged even in Arab nations seeking to catch up with western terrocracies in many respects.   

The great idea behind these smear campaigns have been unleashed to make all Muslim nations capitalist so as to promote  NATO imperialistic wars.


Sept-11 hoax has changed the anti-Islamic scenario into new dirtiest levels. Non-Muslim nations have taken full liberties to treat Muslims as mere vote bank stuff and stray dogs. World does not get any sense of the crude fact that Muslims in India and Jammu Kashmir live in perpetual fear. Being a Muslim is a curse, being a Kashmiri Muslim  is a crime. Muslims are treated by the Indians and their anti-Islamic media network like fearful terrorists. Kashmir Muslims are demanding their birth right to live with human dignity- not to be targeted and slaughtered by state terrorist gangs. 

Islam does not stand for capitalism or any other form of exploitation.

But there has been serious misconception among large sections of Muslims as well as others that the central message of the Holy Quran is to promote rotten anti-humanity capitalism, western imperialism and colonialist values as essence of Islam. Even aimlessly "westernizing Arab nations like Dubai (UAE) are deadly focused on capitalism and “dutiful” promotion of NATO imperialism in Islamic world meant for securing energy resources and routes.

This mischievous assumption, if extended further, would also mean that the Holy Prophet of Islam was interested only in advocating Islam and had nothing to with practices.

Both are certainly wrong. Equality for all and fear for God are the central themes in the Holy Book and  the Holy Prophet of Islam lived as practical human to serve the humanity and asked the people to live as the best possible humans. .

Many Muslim nations have been destabilized by the NATO rogues on the pretext of fictitious Sept-11 hoax. Millions of Muslims have already been murdered by anti-Islamic western forces- thanks mainly to wickedness of Arab world playing second fiddle to execution of secret agendas of USA-UK terror twins. .

But the petro-dollared Arabs even finance the notorious NATO imperialism in weak Muslim nations.

On the one hand, Islam is hated and despised by others. Western state terror forces under the banner of NATO terror syndicate have been attacking Muslim nations for resources and defaming Islam, slaughtering Muslims like hungry jungle beasts.

Western terrocracies therefore are not the natural allies of Islamic world both Arabs and others.  Especially, it is so when the objectives of these regimes and the people who offer mandate to rule are contradictory to each other.

Nor the criminal terrocracies like Israel or India, killing Muslims as terrorists, and attacking and destroying mosques make any true friends of Muslim nations or Muslims.

On the other, explosive natures of lives in Muslim nations, where the rulers and their families and corporate rogues controls literally everything in the nation, exploiting all natural resources to promote capitalism and western terrocratic countries to protect t heir own illegally gotten wealth, is due mainly to the extraordinary inequalities existing in the societies.

In order to make system workable and people livable, certain reassures are of paramount importance to Muslim world. Every Muslim nation, including Indonesia which has got maximum Muslims, is duty bound to establish Islamic system to promote Islamic way of life.

The practice adopted by the global anti-Islamic media to quickly call Islamic way of life as anti- democracy is as old as time of birth of Islam itself. Whenever, in past, any sincere efforts of Muslim regimes was made to implement Islamic law and Islamic way of life, global fascist media (GFM) deliberately make a big hue and cry saying that Islam is being “imposed on democratic mined Muslims.

In order to face the anti-Islamic media effectively the media of Islamic world in toto must exercise vigil and expose the anti-Islamic agenda of terrrocracies in West and East. Muslim media must explicitly stand by Islam, its virtues and teachings.

However, unfortunately, the media run by Muslims even in Muslim nations are directly controlled by anti-Islamic media lords from within and abroad.

Global Muslims look upon the Arabs for guidance because the holiest Mosques are located in Arab world and prophet and his infallible disciples lived and worked with full commitment and dedication for Islam there.

However, Arab rulers brainwashed and corrupted by Americans and Europeans and some eastern nuts, for years of thick collaborations and joint operations, consider capitalism is the best way for Islam. Rather, many Arabs like non-Arabs perhaps think capitalism is Islam.

However, Arab rulers brainwashed and corrupted by Americans and Europeans and some eastern nuts, for years of thick collaborations and joint operations, consider capitalism is the best way for Islam. Rather, many Arabs like non-Arabs perhaps think capitalism is Islam.

since the Arabs buy goods, including liquor and other "sophisticated stuff" form USA and Europe and seek their assistance in spreading private wealth accumulation in their own countries and abroad, the Arab rulers and leaders just feel afraid of criticizing capitalism.

Not just that, in fact the real problem of imperialism comes with that process when the Western terrocracies go on rampage in energy-rich Muslim nations as well as countries like Afghanistan that has geopolitical, energy and Silk route values.

And, being parasitic about steeling alien resources, the Western rogue states talk about democracy and law, but they care a damn to these.

Muslim nations, Arab inclusive, and Pakistan should stop all anti-Islamic designs and activities in the countries that promote westernism and liquor culture that create obstructions to Islamic path. In doing so, they should not bury the people's real voice of Islam.

Pakistan has an international role to play in molding the misguided Muslims into Islamic format. Islamic world should not use Islamic faith and Islamic law as a pretext to oppress the people.

Western terrocratic gangs oppose truly Islamic states in Islamic world because that would destabilize capitalism even in western world.

US president Barak Obama, who took over from Bush Jr, is no different from his predecessors. 

An Observation

Neither Islam promotes capitalism nor is the message of the Holy Scriptures to promote imperialist fascism. 

Humanity looks to Islam for guidance and survival, even as the Muslim nations and leaders look otherwise towards the western terrocracies to learn bribery techniques, secret crimes, hidden and open corruption, and liquor culture - known hitherto as democratic values.

Islam forbids all these and wants to inculcate true values of humanity.

What is the great point in amassing huge economic wealth by a nation indoors and abroad in gold and cash, when millions of people starve at home?

Problems of equality could crop up only when equality is ensured. Humanity would face them as and when necessary, accordingly.

Muslims have greater responsibilities than others. Rulers and leaders in Islamic world must wake up before it is too late and hurry up in working for the real welfare of all humans and if they are unable to think along those lines, then, it is advisable for them to retire and choose only those persons who can serve the mankind selflessly.

The chief goal of Muslim nations is not just  to project strong economic index and economic growth as 12% or 20% or 35%, but  constantly enhancing the living standards of every citizen in the country- both Muslims and others. They must strive for equality for all in true spirits.

The actual achievement of a nation in raising living standards of citizens of a Muslim would benefit other nations and humanity at large!

Once every Muslim nation begins pursuing sincerely the principle of Islamic equality, most of the problems now Muslims and others face would get resolved peaceful.

د. عبد راف

Dr. Abdul Ruff, Specialist on State Terrorism; Educationalist;Chancellor-Founder of Centor for International Affairs(CIA); Independent Analyst;Chronicler of Foreign occupations & Freedom movements(Palestine,Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Xinjiang, Chechnya, etc); Anti-Muslimism and anti-Islamism are more dangerous than "terrorism" Anti-Islamic forces & terrorists are using criminal elements for terrorizing the world and they in disguise are harming genuine interests of ordinary Muslims. Global media today, even in Muslim nations, are controlled by CIA  & other anti-Islamic agencies. Former university Teacher;/ 91-9961868309/91-9961868309
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