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Author Topic: The Islamification of Britain: record numbers embrace Muslim faith  (Read 676 times)
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« on: Feb 06, 2012 06:02 PM »

I actually thought of one person while reading this and that's br Haaris... doubt anyone will remember him except wayyy wayyyy old timers! Alhamdulillah ppl are converting but I do believe the recidivism rate is extremely high, especially in the US. There is just no support for converts and tons of hardships to deal with after converting. -- J.

The Islamification of Britain: record numbers embrace Muslim faith

The number of Britons converting to Islam has doubled in 10 years. Why?

The number of Britons choosing to become Muslims has nearly doubled in the past decade, according to one of the most comprehensive attempts to estimate how many people have embraced Islam.

Following the global spread of violent Islamism, British Muslims have faced more scrutiny, criticism and analysis than any other religious community. Yet, despite the often negative portrayal of Islam, thousands of Britons are adopting the religion every year.

Estimating the number of converts living in Britain has always been difficult because census data does not differentiate between whether a religious person has adopted a new faith or was born into it. Previous estimates have placed the number of Muslim converts in the UK at between 14,000 and 25,000.

But a new study by the inter-faith think-tank Faith Matters suggests the real figure could be as high as 100,000, with as many as 5,000 new conversions nationwide each year.

By using data from the Scottish 2001 census – the only survey to ask respondents what their religion was at birth as well as at the time of the survey – researchers broke down what proportion of Muslim converts there were by ethnicity and then extrapolated the figures for Britain as a whole.

In all they estimated that there were 60,699 converts living in Britain in 2001. With no new census planned until next year, researchers polled mosques in London to try to calculate how many conversions take place a year. The results gave a figure of 1,400 conversions in the capital in the past 12 months which, when extrapolated nationwide, would mean approximately 5,200 people adopting Islam every year. The figures are comparable with studies in Germany and France which found that there were around 4,000 conversions a year.

Fiyaz Mughal, director of Faith Matters, admitted that coming up with a reliable estimate of the number of converts to Islam was notoriously difficult. "This report is the best intellectual 'guestimate' using census numbers, local authority data and polling from mosques," he said. "Either way few people doubt that the number adopting Islam in the UK has risen dramatically in the past 10 years."

Asked why people were converting in such large numbers he replied: "I think there is definitely a relationship between conversions being on the increase and the prominence of Islam in the public domain. People are interested in finding out what Islam is all about and when they do that they go in different directions. Most shrug their shoulders and return to their lives but some will inevitably end up liking what they discover and will convert."

Batool al-Toma, an Irish born convert to Islam of 25 years who works at the Islamic Foundation and runs the New Muslims Project, one of the earliest groups set up specifically to help converts, said she believed the new figures were "a little on the high side".

"My guess would be the real figure is somewhere in between previous estimates, which were too low, and this latest one," she said. "I definitely think there has been a noticeable increase in the number of converts in recent years. The media often tries to pinpoint specifics but the reasons are as varied as the converts themselves."

Inayat Bunglawala, founder of Muslims4UK, which promotes active Muslim engagement in British society, said the figures were "not implausible".

"It would mean that around one in 600 Britons is a convert to the faith," he said. "Islam is a missionary religion and many Muslim organisations and particularly university students' Islamic societies have active outreach programmes designed to remove popular misconceptions about the faith."

The report by Faith Matters also studied the way converts were portrayed by the media and found that while 32 per cent of articles on Islam published since 2001 were linked to terrorism or extremism, the figure jumped to 62 per cent with converts.

Earlier this month, for example, it was reported that two converts to Islam who used the noms de guerre Abu Bakr and Mansoor Ahmed were killed in a CIA drone strike in an area of Pakistan with a strong al-Qa'ida presence.

"Converts who become extremists or terrorists are, of course, a legitimate story," said Mr Mughal. "But my worry is that the saturation of such stories risks equating all Muslim converts with being some sort of problem when the vast majority are not". Catherine Heseltine, a 31-year-old convert to Islam, made history earlier this year when she became the first female convert to be elected the head of a British Muslim organisation – the Muslim Public Affairs Committee. "Among certain sections of society, there is a deep mistrust of converts," she said. "There's a feeling that the one thing worse than a Muslim is a convert because they're perceived as going over the other side. Overall, though, I think conversions arouse more curiosity than hostility."

How to become a Muslim

Islam is one of the easiest religions to convert to. Technically, all a person needs to do is recite the Shahada, the formal declaration of faith, which states: "There is no God but Allah and Mohamed is his Prophet." A single honest recitation is all that is needed to become a Muslim, but most converts choose to do so in front of at least two witnesses, one being an imam.


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« Reply #1 on: Jul 31, 2012 12:34 PM »

Its true many convert but as you say its also true many lapse back into their old ways and leave Islam.

Theres a number of reasons for this, one is a lack of support from Muslims. Initially the convert is treated like royalty but once the excitement of the conversion wears off, they are left to their own divises and slowly these people go back to kuffar.

However a lot also convert for reasons such as love, and when the relationship breaks down, these people have no reason to remain Muslim as they had only converted for their partner originally.

But all this aside, Islam is growing fast in the UK.
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« Reply #2 on: Feb 09, 2013 09:59 PM »

Islam is one of the perfect religion in this world, it have given right to ever one, to parents, to husband, to wife, to the world each person .. so whey should the non Muslim LOOK ISLAM weird.. it is one of the fardh in Islam for women to wear hijab/niqaab, because if we see, a women dignity is in veil, not in to show and expose,,,, just go around and compare some of the minor thing with non Muslim,, you will get know each and every thing.. Quran

Its strange how the number of burka wearers are increasing in the UK. I guess it must be those evil husbands forcing them into it. Hmm, but I guess this still doesn't explain why British women are converting to Islam. The message that the French Government is clearly sending out is that they will not tolerate let alone respect the choice of a person living in France to wear what they wish to wear. Can they look into each and every women’s heart who wears the veil to confirm that it was forced upon her by a man? This argument is completely baseless. Does President Sarkozy really believe that he has given back all Muslim women their 'lost dignity' by banning the veil? I sincerely hope that the British Government and British citizens will continue to uphold its long history of freedom of expression and religion which has made it such a tolerant and multicultural society in which every citizen is respected.

We should have a burka week in the UK, where all women experience the joy in wearing a Burka. (Optional of course). There is already too much Hate in the UK. Lets promote the idea that diversity is good. There are a lot of reasons being cited for banning the Burka. However what people are failing to realise is that banning the burka and other religious freedoms is that this is an attack on British values as well as others religious values.

If the British want their values to be hijacked by right wing extremists like those in France then don't complain when there is no longer any freedoms is Britain. It is these extremists who are destroying Britain. I hate the idea of a government legislating about what a person can and cannot wear

I’d just like to point out to people unfamiliar with the Qur’an that there’s nowhere in the Qur’an that tells Muslims how to pray or when to pray, although it is acknowledged that there are clear guidelines on how to do this. It was the function of the Prophet, peace by up him, to explain the Qur’an.
But back to the niqaab. Here is a translation of Sura 33, verse 59 “Prophet tell your wives, your daughters and women believers to make their outer garments hang low over them so as to be recognised (as Muslims) and not insulted ...” (M.A.S. Abdel Haleem). Let’s look at the relevant words in Sura 24, verse 31 from the same translator: “And tell believing women that they should …. let their headscarves fall to cover their necklines.”
If you were to look at a range of Qur’an translations, you would notice a slight variation in the wording due to the complexity of the Arabic language. This is why we have Muslim scholars to put the verses into a context and explain exactly what they mean in the light of the Sunnah (things the Prophet, peace be upon him, said and did). Most scholars agree that the women closest to the Prophet, peace be upon him, started covering their faces after these verses were revealed.

Okay, so the civilised western people in UK/Europe want to help Muslim women? but... how can the West be trusted to "help" anyone when they've invaded Muslim countries (Iraq/Afghanistan) and killed hundreds of thousands of Muslims women and children included? Muslims wont trust people who kill them... simple fact.

I do not want to live in a country where a form of clothing is banned by the government. The Burka should never be banned in the UK. They have no right to tell people what they should or should not wear. that is personal freedom.

Iftikhar Ahmad

London School of Islamics Trust
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