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Author Topic: Check This Foolish Grave Out - It Has A TV, Drawers, Bed, Wine.....  (Read 738 times)
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[Didn't know where to put this]

This video shows a someones grave; the guy was wrapped up on top of a bed with a big tv infront of him on the wall along with a dvd player. The was a table on the side with some alcohol bottles and others stuff....SubhaanAllaah. Also I heard that that Whitney Houston has proper expensive jewellery and clothing [like £300,000?] buried with her.

Some people love the dunya so much that they want to take it all with them to their grave. You can find the pics of the guys grave in this video ..along with another interesting story with a great lesson [the wise man and the sock story - if anyone knows it]:

Share it if you like it, jzk
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