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Author Topic: Why are Muslims blamed for terrorism?  (Read 523 times)
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« on: Apr 08, 2012 05:28 PM »

According to the 2011 official report by European Police "Europol", only 3 incidents of "Islamist Terrorism" has happened in Europe in 2010. The only casualty was the suspected suicide bomber in one of those three. All three attacks failed.

In the same year, 179 persons were arrested in the EU for offences related to Islamist terrorism, which shows that more arrests are made for reasons other than the direct preparation of attack, including propaganda.

In the same time, separatist terrorism remains the most frequent. In total in 2010, 160 attacks carried out by separatist, mainly in France and Spain. In France with 84 separatist, and "zero" Islamist attacks, 94 Islamists were arrested compare to 123 separatists. Later 14 Islamist were convicted compare to 26 separatist.

In the UK, 40 terrorist attack are reported, all carried out by "Northern Irish and Republican terrorist groups". UK does not categorize them as separatist.

In this edition of the show PressTV asks the following question: Why are Muslims blamed more for terrorism?

Why are Muslims blamed for terrorism?

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« Reply #1 on: Sep 14, 2013 10:46 PM »

Angry Muslims are finding guidance from moderate preachers in the row over the US-made film against Islam, writes Gihan Shahine

“We must not get trapped,” warned popular Islamic preacher Amr Khaled on Facebook this week, his comments coming in reaction to the US-made anti-Islam film that has sparked massive protests around the world, leaving the US ambassador to Libya dead and the US flag burnt in front of the US embassy in Cairo.

“This film is aimed at provoking Muslims into angry reactions that could portray them as backward, barbaric and even as posing a danger to the West, in order to justify whatever plans there are to attack Muslims,” Khaled said.;jsessionid=EEF9E7D4073C13AC4D9B0FD2704EC26E
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