// Something that genuinely scared me...
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Author Topic: Something that genuinely scared me...  (Read 628 times)
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« on: Mar 25, 2012 06:27 AM »

A very good friend of mine gifted me a keychain about 2-3 years ago... It's colorful and glittery and very ethnic looking.... It looks like a piece of jewelry, with three sections to it - so I hung it in my daughter's room from her mirror. It's been there since. Well, yesterday, my daughter pulled it down and was playing with it - all of a sudden something weird caught my eye... Rolled inside one of the sections is something that doesn't belong in there. It's a tiny figure, very crudely made, and it looks like it's stuffed with something. It's not my imagination, I showed it to someone else, and she immediately retracted saying it looks like a face.

I have no idea what to do with it now. I don't want to throw it out, because that's not the best way to get rid of my doubt or my fear. Im not a superstitious person, but I do believe in back magic. I couldn't sleep last night, just kept making Duaa, and trying not to let weird thoughts enter my mind.

Is there a recommended practice in Islam for such situations?
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Is it those necklaces that have quran verses rolled up in them? Some people use them for "protection" against evil eye for their babies?

Or is it like something else?

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Could you take it to a imam or alim or someone who knows about these things?

I wouldn't know how to go about throwing out something like that either.

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