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Author Topic: When trying to recall something.....  (Read 706 times)
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I had been searching a while ago on a duaa to help me remember something from a long time ago (details about something). I finally found a specific duaa, but does anyone have any other information about this?
How does it work, because I read this duaa below & re-analyze things and I am not coming up with what I am missing.

If one fails to remember an event or written text or spoken words, should put the right hand on the forehead and recite:

"Innee as'aluka yaa mud'akkiral khayri wa faa-i'lahoo wal aamira bihee an tusalliya alaa Muh'ammadin wa aali Muh'ammadin wa tud'akkiranee maa ansaaneehish shayt'aan."

(I beseech You, O He who remolds about doing good, does good and commands to do good, send blessings on Muhammad and on the children of Muhammad, and let me remember what Shaytan has wiped out from my memory.)
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I have not heard of the du'a before but I know ulama do recommend person who wants to remember anything to perform a Nafil salah. He shall continue praying in twos trying to be in maximum khushoo, inshaallah he'll remember what he's forgotten.

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